5 most overpriced weapons and vehicles in GTA Online (2021)

GTA Online features a number of expensive vehicles (Image via GTA Wiki)
GTA Online features a number of expensive vehicles (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Online features a number of high-end assets, each more expensive than the other.

While there is nothing wrong with pricey items (money promises value), some just don't justify the price they are tagged for. This, however, should not dissuade the player from purchasing these assets. Most of them are massive hits in GTA Online and deserve all the buzz they have gotten over the years.

This article talks about some of the most pricey weapons and vehicles featured in GTA Online.

5 most overpriced weapons and vehicles in GTA Online, 2021

#5 The Luxor Deluxe


Sure, style can never be taken with a grain of salt in GTA Online, but the Luxor Deluxe seems to prioritize swag over everything else, hugely compromising on quality and performance as a result. Players don't see why they should spend $10,000,000 on a vehicle that barely improves over its contemporaries, which are priced at much lower rates.

Had the Luxor Deluxe offered more than just a shiny armour in GTA Online, perhaps players would have considered saving up for it, but unfortunately, this vehicle is fairly sub-standard in terms of performance and fails to justify its price tag.

#4 The Vapid Slamtruck


The Vapid Slamtruck is another gimmick vehicle in GTA Online that players can buy for fun, but when it comes to top speed and handling, the vehicle is supremely underwhelming. Recorded at a top speed of 98.80 mph (159.00 km/h), the Slamtruck lags behind some of the slowest vehicles in GTA Online. Moreover, the fact that the truck fails to tow even the lightest vehicles on its back despite being a tow-truck is highly disappointing.

#3 The Deluxo


Priced at $4,721,500, the Deluxo is insanely expensive for a vehicle that saw a massive decline after the Oppressor MK II was introduced to GTA Online.

Sure, the car is super cool, what with the flying features and all, but a price tag of $4,721,500 is still a huge stumbling block for players. Definitely one of the most expensive vehicles in GTA Online that could use a discount.

#2 The Laser Guns

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The Laser Guns, i.e. the Widowmaker and the Unholy Hellbringer, are undoubtedly the most unique and devastating weapons featured in GTA Online. But players still don't see why they should invest a fortune in these two guns when they could get the same features from the Minigun (minus the lighting effect) at a much lower price.

There's no denying the fact that the laser guns completely changed the dynamic of certain missions in GTA Online, but they are still super pricey.

#1 The Orbital Cannon


While the Orbital Cannon promises unmatched power and does one heck of a job at annihilating the enemy, players seldom use this beast of a weapon even if they do own it, considering every explosion costs a good chunk of money. The Orbital Cannon may be the most lethal weapon in GTA Online, but it's just not a great investment if the player is only using it to eliminate a bunch of petty goons.

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