5 reasons why every player should buy a CEO office in GTA Online

Money scattered around the CEO office (Image via akburman, Reddit)
Money scattered around the CEO office (Image via akburman, Reddit)

GTA Online allows players to be much more than petty criminals. They can even become the CEOs of organizations.

A major aspect of GTA Online is how much it imitates real life, making it immersive. The fact that a player can run nightclubs, arcades, and warehouses is a testament to its realism and diverse experience.

The popularity of the GTA franchise is owed to this aspect, as a vast multitude of players can find it relatable. The various purchasable properties in the game are an empire-building element that adds to an RPG-like experience for them.

GTA Online: Five reasons for owning a CEO office

5) Bribing authorities


Becoming a CEO gives gamers the ability to bribe the cops for $15,000. Doing so removes all existing Wanted Levels and grants immunity from it for two minutes (except when they attack the police directly).

The CEO can use this ability anywhere they wish as long as they own $15,000 in GTA Online. It is a handy feature, especially while completing missions in the game.

4) Hiring associates


CEOs can hire associates to assist them in the completion of time-consuming missions. Associates will charge $5000 every 15 minutes, although most high-paying assignments will easily compensate for this.

Earning a sizable profit from missions alone would necessitate a significant amount of grinding in GTA Online. As a result, it is far more efficient to recruit associates for these jobs.

3) Side businesses


Starting some side businesses, like bunker or nightclub, requires players to be a VIP, CEO, or MC President. GTA Online requires a bit of grinding before they begin seeing significant amounts of profit.

Once a CEO office has been purchased, the next step would naturally be to buy some other businesses. The bunker, nightclub, and arcade businesses can all provide a steady stream of passive income.

2) Warehouse missions


Warehouses are the most profitable business opportunities in GTA Online. One of the most important reasons for becoming a CEO in the game is to gain access to these.

The Special Cargo Warehouse can generate a profit of around $226,000 per hour, while the Vehicle Cargo Warehouse can make up to $160,000 per hour.

1) Spawning vehicle

Spawning the Buzzard for free in GTA Online (Image via TheMissingSock, YouTube)
Spawning the Buzzard for free in GTA Online (Image via TheMissingSock, YouTube)

One of the best perks of being a CEO is the ability to spawn certain owned vehicles for free. The Buzzard Attack Chopper is the most notable vehicle on the list of those allowed to spawn.

Users can easily travel from one point on the map to another using this helicopter. It's also useful for completing some of GTA Online's Contact Missions.

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