5 reasons why fans prefer GTA 4 over GTA 5

GTA 4 is still being considered the best game in the series (Images via Rockstar Games)
GTA 4 is still being considered the best game in the series (Images via Rockstar Games)
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Arunabha Shome

GTA 5 was a massive success in raising the bar for open-world gaming, and the number of side activities available in this game is incredible.

Despite being hailed as a modern masterpiece, a sizable portion of the Grand Theft Auto community still believes that Grand Theft Auto 4 is the best game in the series.

Although Grand Theft Auto 5 is much more technically proficient in its execution, there are still many amazing qualities that make fans prefer Grand Theft Auto 4 over Grand Theft Auto 5.

It is finally when the black sheep of the series gets its praise, and fans start celebrating its uniqueness without any doubts in their minds. This article will provide five reasons why fans like Grand Theft Auto 4 more than Grand Theft Auto 5.

Five reasons why fans like playing GTA 4 over GTA 5

5) Grounded in reality


The story and the gameplay in Grand Theft Auto 4 have a more realistic touch. Due to this, Grand Theft Auto 4 maintains a distinct identity despite the changes in direction that future games have undergone.

These realistic features are what make the game enjoyable. It gives the experience a little more believability.

Grand Theft Auto 4 does not have over-the-top action or extensive set pieces. It has an intimate feel to everything that players do and experience with the game. Fans of the game appreciate this direction that the game has taken.

Moreover, realism makes the game more engaging as the player's actions have consequences, and the gameplay mechanics also support this realistic quality.

4) Atmospheric setting


Liberty City's dark, claustrophobic urban sprawl is different from Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto 5. The most noticeable feature is how much larger it appears, yet being only a third the size.

The way the camera's field of vision expands, making those skyscrapers appear impossibly tall, as well as the incredible weather systems that create such realistic fog and rain.

Even with all this grit and darkness, there is an ugly beauty to the city that players can somehow relate to, as Liberty City does not look perfect, just like cities in real life.

This is a major part of why many players walk around the city to explore every aspect of this city. This shows how immersive the city is compared to Los Santos. The city's look also reflects the narrative it presents to its players, which is also dangerous, dark, and pessimistic.

3) Immersive cars and driving


Many players find driving in GTA 4 hard compared to its successor. This is because the cars in GTA 4 feel much more realistic and heavy compared to those in any other installment in this series.

Vehicles in GTA 4 are not toys that can be easily controlled by the player but actual machines that need precise handling to be driven properly.

This might seem like a limitation for some players, but it makes the game more immersive and fun as it is another thing that players need to master in the game.

This isn't only limited to cars; bikes also feature very realistic controls, giving the rider a genuine sensation of danger.

If players crash their vehicles, the environment will also respond. Naturally, there will be cracks on the walls, and debris will fly everywhere. This may seem like a small detail, but it goes a long way in keeping things immersive.

2) Engaging and realistic story


According to most people who have played both games, GTA 4 has a far superior story to GTA 5. This is not a surprise as GTA 4 presents one of the most realistic stories, loaded with genuine emotions and complex people out of all the other games in the series.

GTA 4 also has only a single playable protagonist, unlike GTA 5. This is an advantage, as with only one character, players can get connected to that single character more easily.

Moreover, players can smoothly follow all developments happening in the story in a linear fashion, which helps them empathize with the character on a deeper level.

1) Amazing protagonist


Niko Bellic is arguably the best character in the Grand Theft Auto series.

Most of the characters we meet in GTA 5 are larger-than-life people who don't play by the rules and are virtually superheroes that can accomplish anything they want.

But Niko is more human, down to earth, and stuck in a situation that he cannot control. He feels more human than any character Rockstar Games has created. Players can relate to his struggles and weaknesses and support his strengths and victories.

Niko also has a sense of morality that he tries to follow as much as possible. This is probably what makes him the most different and appealing.

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