5 reasons why Las Venturas is an unforgettable place in GTA San Andreas

Viva Las Venturas (Image via
Viva Las Venturas (Image via
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Las Venturas remains a recognizable location for GTA players, since this is where they put all their chips on the table. They are now high rollers who beat the house.

One of the most beautiful cities in San Andreas, Las Venturas fully captures the final acts of the rags-to-riches story. Carl Johnson finally made a name for himself toward the end of the storyline. Las Venturas remains a memorable part of the GTA experience because it is a reward for players' hard work.

From expensive clothing items to grand hotel suites, big-time players can truly live the life of luxury. While most GTA fans are clamoring for Vice City to return to GTA 6, Las Venturas is another popular choice for an HD makeover. What happens in Las Venturas stays in Las Venturas, but the memories will follow the players.

5 reasons why Las Venturas is a memorable part of GTA San Andreas

5) CJ finally makes it big


The Spanish-to-English translation for Las Venturas is The Fortunes. It's undoubtedly a fitting choice for the city name. By this point in the game, GTA players took a gamble on themselves and won big. CJ is no longer a small-time gangbanger but a successful businessman with several profitable ventures.

There are several safehouses in Las Venturas such as two-story residences and hotel suites. GTA players can also purchase high-end apparel from clothing stores. CJ can finally dress up to the nines in a fancy suit and ridiculous haircut.

Las Venturas is a money-in-the-bank celebration of reaching the top of the ladder and grabbing a briefcase full of money. With the full backing of the Four Dragons Casino, GTA players are now in a position of power.

4) It is a colorful city full of casinos

Welcome to the Old Venturas Strip (Image via GTA Wiki)
Welcome to the Old Venturas Strip (Image via GTA Wiki)

Underneath the dark skies of Las Venturas, the city lights bring a striking contrast. The crown jewels of this desert landscape are the shiny casinos. Beneath the shade of palm trees from the scorching heat, GTA players can spend their time looking around.

The night provides the perfect backdrop for Las Venturas: neon billboards and high-class vehicles dominate the entire strip. Every major casino provides a distinctive personality, such as the island-themed Pirate's in Men's Pants (complete with wooden ship in a body of water).

3) Several fun missions take place here


GTA is only as good as the gameplay, which San Andreas delivers in spades. Las Venturas is a particularly great location for this reason. The side activities range from dirt bike races to dealing with explosives in a quarry. However, the meat and bones of Las Venturas are missions, which provide a high level of enjoyment.

Whether it's robbing high-security casinos, blowing up a dam or heading straight back to Liberty City, there are so many highly entertaining missions here. Breaking the Bank at Caligula's is a particular highlight. The size and scope of this sidequest forces CJ to perform setup missions.

2) There is barely any crime

Elvis has left the building (Image via
Elvis has left the building (Image via

Unlike Los Santos or San Fierro, Las Venturas has a significantly lower crime rate. There are no rival gangs, which means the streets are safer. There is organized crime through by mafia families like the Leones, Forellies, and Sindaccos. However, this only extends to the storyline missions.

GTA players can stroll the strip without worrying about a gang war breaking out. It's especially bad in Los Santos if the player has not taken control of all its territories. There are also no crack dealers in Las Venturas, which also reduces criminal activity.

1) Las Venturas has the best gym


Gyms are a GTA feature still unique to San Andreas, as different fighting styles are yet to return. There are three in total and one for each of the three major regions. However, the Below the Belt Gym in Las Venturas is easily the most dangerous in hand-to-hand combat situations.

CJ learns Muay Thai for stand-up strikes and devastating clinches. This fighting style has a deadly combo attack. It starts with a low kick before CJ puts his opponent in a headlock. GTA players then deliver a series of dehibilitating knee strikes before knocking them out with a punch.

For the most part, this is a one-hit KO that's almost guaranteed to win most fights. It's understandable why Rockstar Games made this the final accessible gym. While not the best for prolonged shootouts, it can be fun with random skirmishes. That's what makes GTA enjoyable, let alone San Andreas.

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