5 fun side activities and missions from GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas has some memorable side tasks (Image via GTA Wiki)
GTA San Andreas has some memorable side tasks (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA San Andreas is home to many fun side activities and side missions.

As there are so many entertaining missions to choose from, this list will limit it to optional side missions hoping that the more minor side activities could appear in the limelight. If it were strictly any mission, it would make this list too lopsided with the popular ones players would expect. Instead, they get to enjoy reading about the very minor yet fun side activities that are often overlooked.

Naturally, fun is a subjective term. However, these GTA San Andreas side activities and missions are often seen as neat little diversions among the GTA community. They're usually well-designed, making them enjoyable for repeat playthroughs. They're not why a person buys GTA San Andreas, but they are a great diversion from the main game to keep them entertained.

Five fun side activities and missions from GTA San Andreas

#5 - Pimping

Image via GTA Series Videos (YouTube)
Image via GTA Series Videos (YouTube)

Pimping is a side mission players could do in GTA San Andreas when they were on a Broadway anywhere except in the countryside. It's largely similar to Taxi missions, except the player is picking up sex workers and delivering them to their destination. What differentiates Pimping from Taxi missions is that these sex workers are sometimes in danger, which means players have to defend them.

As a bonus, rival gangs won't attack players while pimping, as they understand that pimping isn't easy. Terrible jokes aside, Pimping is an easy side activity with a decent reward, and its uniqueness in the GTA franchise makes it one of the more fun GTA side missions.

#4 - Basketball

Image via ZMOONCHILD (YouTube)
Image via ZMOONCHILD (YouTube)

Basketball is arguably the best American sport of all time, so playing it in a GTA game seems like a dream come true. However, Basketball is somewhat limited in GTA San Andreas, so players won't be able to dunk on the Ballas or anybody else. Fortunately, they can still play with themselves and even do a few fancy tricks like spinning the ball on CJ's finger.

Considering how prevalent basketball courts are in GTA San Andreas, the player can often stop by one of them, mess around for a minute or two, and then move on to do something else. It's a fun little side activity that doesn't eat much of the player's time, making it an enjoyable diversion from the life of crime.

PS2 players can play Basketball right away, but other platforms require "Tagging Up Turf" to be completed before playing it.

#3 - Go Go Space Money

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Go Go Space Monkey is reminiscent of ancient games like Galaga, making it seem really out of place in a game like GTA San Andreas. Fortunately, this arcade game is quite fun to play when the player is in a bar. Between this and a pool table, there's always something for unwinding after a long session in the game.

Players get a few lives and should try to avoid enemies and stray bullets. It's one of the more difficult arcade games in GTA San Andreas, although it is similar to They Crawled from Uranus in some aspects.

#2 - The Chiliad Challenge

Image via GTA Series Videos (YouTube)
Image via GTA Series Videos (YouTube)

Yes, The Chiliad Challenge can be cheesed with a sniper rifle, but that's not where the fun lies. While that can be amusing for people who just want 100% completion, the real fun lies in actually attempting to cycle down the mountain without crashing.

Getting first place in this way can be a blast for players who enjoy riding a bicycle, considering they are primarily useless in most other scenarios within GTA San Andreas.

There are three variations of The Chiliad Challenge, so there's a fair amount of diversity to entertain gamers. The payout is honestly terrible, but the layouts between the three variations give players enough of a reason to do this side mission in GTA San Andreas, especially since it's required for 100% completion.

#1 - Let's Get Ready to Bumble

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Let's Get Ready to Bumble is a light-hearted game a player would never expect to see in a GTA title. It's like imagining playing as a bee that flies upward, avoiding thorns in a GTA title. It's utterly bizarre to think about but an absolute blast to play.

There's a time limit to challenge players, making them want to breeze through the levels quickly. However, several pesky thorns exist to kill impatient gamers, which can impede their process.

It's like a classic old-school game players might have played back in the day, such as the 1984 arcade game Bomb Jack. They can play Let's Get Ready to Bumble in several bars, including the one closest to Grove Street.

It's a fun side activity to pass the time in GTA San Andreas, especially for players who fondly remember old-school platformers. It's light-hearted fun that should honestly return in a future GTA title.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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