5 reasons why the Oppressor Mk2 is the most overpowered vehicle in GTA Online

The most infamous vehicle in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)
The most infamous vehicle in GTA Online (Image via GTA Wiki)

GTA Online has nearly 700 controllable vehicles available to players, but none are as infamous as the Oppressor Mk2.

Considered to be the most overpowered vehicle in the game, the Oppressor Mk2 has become synonymous with griefers. Players have complained about its overpowered features time and again, yet Rockstar has never shown any intent to nerf it.

Not only does this hoverbike feel out of place in GTA Online, but few vehicles can compete with it. In the hands of a skilled griefer, the hoverbike can be a nightmare for other players.

This article will dive into a few of the reasons that make the vehicle so overpowered in GTA Online.

GTA Online: 5 ways in which the Oppressor Mk2 is overpowered

1) Missiles


The Oppressor Mk2's missiles have far greater homing performance and range than missiles launched from most other assault vehicles or the Homing Launcher. This makes them very hard to evade unless they are at a very close angle to the target.

The rocket launchers have a limited ammo capacity of 20 missiles, but can be replenished easily by parking the hoverbike in the player's Terrorbyte.

This vehicle is mandatory to get the Oppressor Mk2, and hence, everyone who owns a hoverbike in GTA online has access to this overpowered ability.

2) Speed


Like the pre-patch Deluxo, the Oppressor Mk2 could also move at unexpected speeds when it was first launched in GTA Online (reaching a top speed of 180+ mph). This could be done by keeping the hoverbike in reverse and pitching it up and down at regular intervals.

This bug was fixed with the Arena War update, but it still has a rocket booster and a competent top speed. This makes it quite easy for the hoverbike to keep up with its targets and refill its rockets back at the Terrorbyte.

3) Agility


The size and agility of the Oppressor Mk2 is another cause of concern for other players in GTA Online. Not only is it fast and devastating, but it is equally difficult to land an attack on the infamous hoverbike.

The ability to install countermeasures takes it up another notch, as even if one were to hit the Oppressor Mk2, it would not be a cause for concern. This would've been fine if not for the hoverbike's ridiculously accurate missiles.

4) Ruins game balance


A large number of players have been requesting Rockstar to nerf the Oppressor Mk2 ever since it came out in GTA Online. However, all their complaints seem to fall on deaf ears, as Rockstar doesn't seem to be concerned with griefers.

In fact, they went ahead and announced 40% discount on the vehicle, which resulted in many players ending up frustrated and leaving the game entirely.

Freemode has become notorious and hostile, and normal players who own the Oppressor Mk2 are getting all the hate.

5) Few vehicles can truly stand against it


There are only a few vehicles in GTA Online that can fight back against an Oppressor Mk2 effectively. Even with a lot of these, it can be tricky to do so and may require a somewhat skilled player.

However, someone on the Oppressor Mk2 needs little to no talent to eliminate other players, creating an unequal playing field. This is also why griefers prefer choosing the hoverbike, as most of them are casual players who enjoy harassing others and are not invested in the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of its writer.

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