5 rookie mistakes players must avoid during heists in GTA Online

Five rookie mistakes to avoid during heists in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
Five rookie mistakes to avoid during heists in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
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It isn't always going to be the case that a player will always manage to scrounge up their friends for a GTA Online session to go heisting. And it cannot often be a chore trying to get everyone together for a session, so chances are, players are going to be stuck with rookies and lower-level players for heists in GTA Online.

While far from ideal, it is not a given that the other players will be incompetent. A lack of communication might just force their hand. Also, the game doesn't make it any easier for players without mics, as there is a severe lack of any sort of efficient in-game communication.

This is why it can be a tad bit hard trying to succeed in GTA Online's heists without caving one's own head in. Here are some tips for new players to get better at heists and improve their game overall.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

5 rookie mistakes to avoid during heists in GTA Online

#1 - Bring snacks and ammo (lots of them)


Players can often forget that hiding behind cover isn't the guaranteed security from gunfire it is made out to be. Chances are, players will take major damage in the middle of gunfights, and it gets even worse on Hard difficulty.

Since the crew won't have too many lives to spare, getting through the levels without dying is key. This is where snacks come in, and stuffing one's inventory with a whole lot of them is key to having success in GTA Online.

It may sound ridiculous, but munching down on snacks in the middle of a gunfight is a great way to ensure safety in the game.

#2 - Don't expect a large cut without doing the setups


This truly is one of the most annoying parts of doing heists with complete strangers. If the leader just decides to bring in total strangers for a heist finale without them being involved in the setup, then they should graciously accept the minimum take.

Instead, many throw a fit and deliberately sabotage the mission in order to let their incompetence and absolute lack of decency be known. This kind of behavior only makes one look really bad more than anything and is not a way to make friends in GTA Online.

#3 - Wait for the crew to move together


The crew needs to always be on point and not make a move that will get them killed, as there aren't too many lives to spare. Therefore, it becomes quite important to move together, cutting down enemies with swift efficiency while leaving no person behind.

This is to ensure that no teammate is left uncovered, thus reducing the chance of a mission failure in GTA Online. Plus, if the players manage to complete the heist with no Quick Restarts, they will get a healthy bonus tacked on to their payout.

#4 - Pay attention to assigned tasks


Many players can often forget the specific roles they've been assigned in the crew and simply take joy in killing NPCs. While NPCs certainly do need killing in GTA Online, the crew also needs to be able to get their money from the heist, which takes precedence over casual murder.

It is important that a player remembers their assigned role and stick to it while also being a useful member of the crew in terms of offense.

#5 - Do not be the hero


It really cannot be stressed enough that there is no single hero in GTA Online. Instead, the crew always wins as a team, and the only way to do that is to never put yourself at risk.

Trying to make a risky play by exposing yourself will only get the crew killed and miss their shot at a hefty bonus. Players must play cautiously, perhaps even too cautiously, in order to never put the heist payout or the crew at risk in GTA Online.

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