5 useful tips for beginners in GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist

When starting out in GTA Online, completing all the work by oneself can be quite a pain (Image via Rockstar Games)
When starting out in GTA Online, completing all the work by oneself can be quite a pain (Image via Rockstar Games)
Rahul Bhushan
Modified 03 May 2021

The Diamond Casino Heist is not only one of the coolest parts of GTA Online, but it is also one of the highest-paying jobs in the game.

To start the heist, players must first meet Lester at Mirror Park. Here, a cut-scene will play out and the player will be instructed to buy an Arcade.

After the player purchases an Arcade, they will be able to start the set-up for the heist. Depending on their prep work, they will be able to choose their approach.

5 beginner tips for the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online

#1 Bring in a crew as VIP/CEO or MC president for set-ups

When starting out in GTA Online, completing all the work by oneself can be quite a pain, especially when the enemies are so unforgiving.

Players can register as a VIP/CEO or an MC president to start the heist in the Arcade. They can then hire their crew of bodyguards or MC members. This allows players to bring in their crew for set-ups, which will hasten the process of starting the heist in GTA Online.

#2 The Big Con approach is a good place to start

The Big Con approach in the Diamond Casino Heist allows players to move through security with ease. Scoping out the tunnel and the vault underneath the race track will allow players to unlock the Gruppe 6 outfit disguise, which is a great way to ensure that they have an easy time during the heist.

While the approach requires players to utilize stealth in certain sections, it shouldn't be as difficult as other approaches in the heist. However, players must also remember that they cannot take the same approach back-to-back should they want to replay.

#3 Scope out all POIs and Access Points

Scoping out all POIs is an absolute must in the Diamond Casino Heist, as players will learn where all the cameras are placed and get a good idea of the entire location. Camera locations and their vision cones on the mini-map are an absolute gift during the heist in GTA Online.

Access points will determine the kind of approach players will be able to take, and scoping all of them out is the key to unlocking all the approaches in GTA Online. Players can even repeat the scope-out mission if they are not able to spot all access points and POIs in one go.

#4 Duggan Shipments help out a ton

Destroying Duggan Shipments can be quite a chore, especially when the mission requires players to destroy 10 different targets in 10 minutes. These targets are spread far apart and getting to them when playing solo without an Oppressor MKII or Buzzard is nearly impossible. Thus, it makes sense for players to bring in their crews for this mission.

Destroying these shipments will ensure that the guards inside the casino are ill-equipped and will go down easily.

#5 Try and avoid direct conflict

This is obviously unavoidable in the loud approach, but direct conflict is always bad in GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist. If the player takes damage when trying to escape, they will lose much of their take, especially if their buyer is far out. This essentially makes them lose more than 50% of their take.

Avoiding the police can be a hassle if the player has a hole in their loot bag, and direct conflict will almost always result in a bad take in GTA Online.

Published 03 May 2021
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