5 simple ways to make money in GTA Online

There are a number of ways to make money in GTA Online (Image via
There are a number of ways to make money in GTA Online (Image via

Making money doesn't have to be boring as GTA Online is, after all, a game. Why spend hours on end grinding mundane jobs to make a few bucks on the side?

While making money in GTA Online isn't always a cakewalk, the game features a number of quick and simple ways to generate a decent amount.

5 quick and simple ways to make money in GTA Online

5) Resell Vehicles


Reselling stolen vehicles is not exactly the most profitable way to farm money in GTA Online, but desperate times call for desperate measures. On the plus side, reselling vehicles is a fairly simple task and does not require a whole lot of grinding.

4) Contact Missions


Who said making money has to be dull?

GTA Online features a number of incredibly engaging story-mode missions that revolve around a particular plot or character. These missions are usually easy in nature and whip up a good deal of GTA$ within minutes.

Only a couple of contact missions are available at the start while the rest are unlocked as the player levels up in the game.

3) Collectibles


Another way to mint some extra money in GTA Online is to keep an eye out for the special weeks during which Collectibles are made available for players. Not only are these collectables incredibly fun to gather but they are also very profitable.

The Peyote plants, for example, morph the player into some sort of an animal, depending on the nature of the plant ingested.

2) CEO/VIP work


The title of CEO comes with a lot of perks in GTA Online. Aside from the ability to engage in illicit affairs, this exclusive position allows players to grind some extremely profitable jobs.

What's more, these jobs are super easy and barely take a few minutes to complete. Sightseer is arguably the best CEO/VIP job available in GTA Online.

1) The Cayo Perico Heist


GTA Online owes a great deal of its skyrocketing success to Heists. Rockstar Games has been instrumental in adding tremendous Heists to the game over the years. Grand robberies are, in short, a quintessential part of GTA Online.

The Cayo Perico Heist is, as of now, the most popular Heist in GTA Online. While it's not always easy to walk away with the most valuable assets, everything in the vault is worth a fortune, especially the Panther statue.

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