5 cars in GTA Online with a hefty re-sell value 

Cars in GTA online with a good re-sell value (Image via Rockstar Games)
Cars in GTA online with a good re-sell value (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA Online offers players several ways to earn a quick buck in the game. Earning money in GTA Online is very important for players who want a wholesome experience.

Several heists in the game involve a lot of meticulous planning and setup. Naturally, money comes in handy in such situations. More importantly, earning money is important to purchase arcades, houses, garages, clubs, and more in order to level up, unlock more characters, weapons, items, and heists.

One of the most common yet challenging ways to earn money in GTA Online is by selling stolen cars. It is important to remember that Los Santos Customs stops accepting cars after a point, so players should space out their sales in order to avoid getting rejected.

Players can also choose to sell the cars they purchased but that's still a loss. Interestingly, selling cars stolen off the street is pretty profitable and requires little effort.

However, stealing some cars might be more difficult than others. On the flip side, this makes stealing them more exciting because of their price value.

Best cars to sell in GTA Online

5) Übermacht Sentinel (Re-sell value: $9,500)

The design of the aforementioned vehicle is based on a BMW 3 Series E92. It is one of the most common cars in both the story mode and the online version of GTA 5.


It is usually found in stock condition and unmodified. If players choose to steal the vehicle to sell it, they need to make sure to deliver it without a single scratch otherwise they first need to spend money on repairs, which ultimately cuts down on the profit.

4) Lampadati Felon GT (Re-sell value: $9,500)

The Lampadati GT design is based on Jaguar XF and like the previous vehicle, it's not as tough to locate the Lampadati Felon in GTA Online. It is one of the most commonly found cars and is a go-to for players who choose to sell stolen cars.


It is important to remember that selling a stolen car won't make a lot of profit compared to selling a purchased vehicle. If no money was spent acquiring it in the first place, then any amount is a good profit.

3) Albany Buccaneer (Re-sell value: $9,875)

The design for Albany Buccaneers is based on Ford Fairlane and Buick Riviera. It is one of the most appealing vehicles in GTA Online and the modified version of the same belongs to gang members.


Sadly, the performance of the vehicle is pretty poor but still fetches the players a lot of money. This could also be because stealing it requires more effort as it is found only in gang territories. It is possible that stealing one may involve a lot of heat.

The color of the car depends on the gang territory that it is found in: Purple in Ballas territory, Yellow in Vagos, and Green in (Grove Street/ Families).

2) Declasse Tornado Convertible (Re-sell value: $12,575)

The design of the vehicle is based on Chevrolet Bel Air. Another reason why gang vehicles sell for a lot of money is because they are heavily modified compared to their stock models in GTA Online.


It is also possible that if players are seen driving the vehicle by other gang members, they might start shooting, so it's better to sell it off to purchase a better vehicle.

It can only be found around Gang Territories, in three different variations based on the Gang colors: Green (Families Gang), Purple (Ballas Gang) or Yellow (Vagos Gang).

1) Vapid Peyote (Re-sell value: $12,940)

The design of the vehicle is based on Ford Thunderbird and is found in gang territories.


Vapid beats Declasse Tornado by a very small margin to bag the title of the most profitable car to re-sell in GTA Online.

Again, stealing a car from gang territories is an uphill task. However, if done properly, it gets players a lot of money in GTA Online.

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