5 things that GTA 6 should learn from GTA 5's Los Santos

5 things that GTA 6 should learn from Los Santos (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 things that GTA 6 should learn from Los Santos (Image via Sportskeeda)

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular franchises in the gaming industry. Ever since GTA 6's confirmation by Rockstar, the highly-anticipated title has taken the community by storm.

There has been a whirlwind of emotion from players who feel it would serve as an excellent way to while away time until the moment arrives. Most of them involve discussions and speculations over the elements the upcoming game should inherit from its predecessors.


It is not a new phenomenon to re-master and improvise upon features from previous titles. This is even more likely, given the numerous accolades that GTA 5 received, especially for the various awards for Los Santos.

With Los Santos, Rockstar created a beautiful open world that was among the best of seventh-generation console gaming. Irrespective of the location and setting of the upcoming title, the following are the five things that GTA 6 should learn from GTA 5's Los Santos.

5 GTA 5 Los Santos' features that should be further improved upon in the next game

1) Real-world activities


While moving around the world in GTA 5, players have the liberty to engage in context-specific activities such as scuba diving, BASE jumping, and visiting businesses such as cinemas and strip clubs.

These elements make the game more engaging and allow players to explore various options, instead of simply being wholly invested in winning missions and saving themselves.

These aspects have attracted a lot of attention in this iteration. Undoubtedly, these would be a hit if incorporated into the next title.

2) Day-to-day elements


In GTA 5, each character has a smartphone for contacting friends, starting activities, and accessing the in-game Internet. The internet allows players to invest and trade stocks in the stock markets.

Players can also purchase properties, including garages, real estate, businesses, weapons, and vehicles. This makes the gaming experience extraordinarily wholesome and adds a lot of elements to boast about beyond the gangster activities.

The upcoming game will undoubtedly tap into these elements' potential to make the title another huge success.

3) Immersive elements of the city


Not many games can boast of maps that feel as lived-in and as passionately created as Los Santos. Like its real-life equivalent Los Angeles, this virtual city is a vast and sprawling city with a diverse range of cultures, ranging from Vinewood's prestigious film city to Strawberry's suburban hood life, to name a few.

Grand Theft Auto 6's map can expand on these features by adding more elements apart from the cityscape, such as greener and higher mountains, deserts, canyons, rural areas, and townships. As they say, perfection has no limits; the game can explore these options to the fullest.

4) Attention to details


Driving through the streets of Los Santos is an experience in itself. The developers have beautifully captured every detail, including every bump in the road and every aspect of the infrastructure and freeways.

The location also features numerous associated cities and communities such as Venice Beach, Hollywood Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, etc., to name a few.

The city’s skyline changes at different times of the day, which further adds to the beauty of Los Santos. With a plethora of animation tools at the disposal of the developers, Rockstar should incorporate and emulate these aspects of its predecessor.

5) Character interactions


The living and breathing city of Los Santos is one of the primary reasons players develop a connection with it. There is nothing more realistic than being able to interact with various characters while taking a stroll down the street or enjoying the various activities that are available in the game.

Emotions, animations, and compelling interactions are among the most important requirements for internalizing a game's open-world aspect. The upcoming addition to the franchise must take inspiration from the previous title and expand this feature even further.

Given how ambitious Rockstar is about each title, it does not require mindless speculation to understand that the community is in for another wild ride with GTA 6, especially with the setting and location.

Taking GTA 5 as an example, it is inevitable that the upcoming game will be a giant leap forward in terms of gameplay, graphics, and scale.

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