5 things GTA 6 could learn from Saints Row

The Saints Row series has been a rival to Grand Theft Auto (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Saints Row series has been a rival to Grand Theft Auto (Image via Sportskeeda)

Most GTA fans are aware that Rockstar Games is working on a new game in the series. This was recently announced in a Newswire article, and it has reignited fan excitement for Grand Theft Auto 6. Fans have made a variety of suggestions for how the new game should be designed.

Some believe Rockstar should evaluate other similar games, including rival franchises. The original Saints Row series, for example, successfully managed to create a distinct and original brand of gameplay despite being labeled as a Grand Theft Auto clone.

This article looks at five things that the new Grand Theft Auto title could learn from the Saints Row games.

Rockstar should look to rival game series like Saints Row to develop GTA 6

5) Character creation


Character creation has been the first and most obvious difference between the GTA games and the Saints Row series. The protagonist in the first game had no voice acting, and few customization choices.

However, Saints Row 2 introduced a new and improved character creator, with fully-fledged voice acting and a distinct personality for the protagonist.

This continued in the sequels, and Saints Row established that custom-made characters don't have to be mute and devoid of personality. This could work well with the GTA series, as the emphasis on a compelling plot will complement a voiced protagonist perfectly.

4) Gang affiliation


GTA San Andreas was the only game in the series where gang affiliation played a significant role. In fact, the first Saints Row game was heavily influenced by it. However, the latter franchise quickly turned this into a core feature of their games.

Players can customize their gang in the Saints Row games, including how their members look, what vehicles they drive, their gang signs, and more. Taking over territory was not only a major feature, but also central to the plot.

3) An interesting cast of characters


The Grand Theft Auto series is well-known for its colorful cast of characters. However, the characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 didn't make that much of an impact, and were mostly forgettable. Even the protagonists weren't as well-loved as their predecessors.

The Saints Row series has also introduced a slew of interesting characters who have undergone extensive character development. However, unlike Grand Theft Auto, most of these characters have returned or been involved in the storyline.

The next Grand Theft Auto game should bring some of the most popular characters from the franchise. They could also include some characters from the 3D Universe, although the likelihood of this happening is low.

2) Fun activities


The major complaint about GTA 5 is the lack of entertaining side activities. In comparison, the Saints Row games have introduced some of the best side activities in an open-world game.

Whether it's Insurance Fraud or Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax, the activities manage to provide an entertaining experience.

Since the GTA games are not as over-the-top as Saints Row, they can't have such bizarre activities. However, older games from the franchise (the 3D Universe, for example) have managed to include fun side stuff to keep players entertained.

1) Non-repetitive story missions


Another frequently cited complaint about the HD Universe GTA games is repetitive missions. The majority of the games involve moving from point A to B and getting involved in a shootout. This might be tied to how the HD Universe has taken a step towards incorporating realism, but it does take away the fun.

Meanwhile, most of the missions in the older games were distinct and memorable. The Saints Row games also followed through with this and became quite successful because of it.

While GTA 6 doesn't have to be as extravagant, Rockstar should return to the franchise's roots to see what made it so popular in the first place.

Note: This article reflects the writer's opinions.

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