5 types of pedestrians in GTA Vice City that appear very rarely

GTA Vice City is considered one of the best games in the GTA series (Image via WallpaperAccess)
GTA Vice City is considered one of the best games in the GTA series (Image via WallpaperAccess)

GTA Vice City is a great game that showed off what Rockstar Games is capable of. It was a great depiction of Miami and had some of the best characters in the entire GTA series.

To make the city feel alive and more real, GTA Vice City also had many pedestrians and NPCs spread throughout the map. While some of them could be found anywhere, some appeared very rarely and randomly.

Five infrequent pedestrians in GTA Vice city

1) Vice Point Mall


If players go inside the Vice Point Mall and open fire, it will cause pedestrians to panic and immediately go outside. As they are running out of the mall, gamers will see one or two pedestrians jumping off the mall's roof, but the drop will not kill them.

These pedestrians spawn from nowhere and aren't found anywhere else on the map. This could most likely be considered a spawn glitch.

2) Van Khoff Hotel beach


Stories have emerged of suicidal pedestrians at the beach located behind the Van Khoff Hotel. It seems that the pedestrians here simply drop dead in the sand without any reason. However, this could most likely be a simple glitch as well.

The region where this happens is also ill-famed for spawning bugs, such as pedestrians spawning halfway in the sand and having strange characteristics.

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3) Downtown Vice City


There is an unnamed building in Downtown Vice City, near the Skumole Shack. If players visit the back entrance, there is a staircase with a buggy texture where pedestrians can be seen spawning and walking around.

But on the roof, things get more unusual. If gamers walk up the staircase, a pedestrian will spawn very close to them and die instantly.

4) Deadly drivers


Deadly Drivers are NPCs across GTA Vice City. They drive really quickly and haphazardly, often crashing into buildings and pedestrians.

They seem to spawn randomly and in no particular set of circumstances. These drivers can even crash into players, which can result in injuries.

5) The Sniper

The Sniper can be just a myth (Image via
The Sniper can be just a myth (Image via

The Sniper is known to be an offensive pedestrian who handles a sniper rifle to assassinate NPCs as well as players.

This character can be located atop the Hyman Memorial Stadium or found inside the Mendez Building, which has an interior and is positioned near the stadium.

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