5 most useless assets in GTA Online

GTA Online features its fair share of worthless things(Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online features its fair share of worthless things(Image via Rockstar Games)

Buying things in GTA Online is just as exciting as robbing a store or winning a tough race.

GTA Online features several great assets players can save up for, some of which are conducive to leveling up in the game. Some assets, however, are hardly worth their price tags.

5 assets GTA Online players shouldn't waste their money on

5) The Hangar


GTA Online is packed to the gills with a number of incredibly profitable properties but the Hangar is not one of them. There may be a few benefits here and there for aircraft fans but all in all, the entire base is pretty useless, not to mention ridiculously expensive. Beginners, at least, should avoid spending a fortune on the air freight business.

4)The Orbital Cannon


The Orbital Cannon is unarguably one of the most devastating weapons in GTA Online but, adding it to a Facility will cost the player around a staggering $900,000, not to mention the extra half a million it mints down with every use.

3) The HVY Dump


The HVY Dump is essentially an off-road dump truck, capable of causing chaos in an Online lobby. While it's always cool to send small vehicles soaring through the air, the Dump Truck is notoriously expensive and doesn't offer a whole lot of utility.

Being one of the largest vehicles in the game, it's also not easy to handle. The HVY Dump makes for a great gimmick vehicle but that barely justifies its staggering price.

2) The Yacht


GTA Online features a number of ridiculously expensive assets but most of them are either very useful in the long run or a must-have for a particular job. The Yacht, however, is indubitably one of the most worthless assets in the game. It is neither fast nor inexpensive.

In fact, it doesn't even act like a vehicle (which it's supposed to be) unless the player pays the captain of the ship through the nose. All in all, the yacht makes for one of the worst purchasable assets in GTA Online.

1) Private Jet


The Private Jet, i.e. the infamous golden plane, has been in the news before as a colossal disappointment. GTA Online features a number of great planes, most of which are fairly affordable and do more than just look good in a sparkly exterior. However, the private jet is essentially a symbol of luxury and has no real worth.


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