5 most disliked VIP vehicles in GTA Online 

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

One of the perks of being a CEO or VIP in GTA Online is that players can spawn certain vehicles for free or a small fee via their interactions menu.

Unfortunately, not all of these exclusive vehicles are worth the hype. Some, like the insanely popular Buzzard and the celebrated LWB, definitely deserve all the buzz, while others make for pretty wacky vehicles for a CEO/VIP in GTA Online.

This article talks about 5 of the most disliked vehicles in GTA Online.

5 VIP vehicles players don't use anymore in GTA Online

#5 The Havoc


The Havoc is an ultralight helicopter added to GTA Online as part of Smuggler's Update. As the name might imply, the Havoc is pretty devastating and isn't exactly a disappointing vehicle, so to say, but given that VIP vehicles in GTA Online include iconic symbols like the Buzzard, the likes of Havoc seldom get any attention.

That said, the Havoc has a tendency to steer out of control upon a fast landing, thanks to its narrow skids and average rotor blades that fail to keep it away from the hard surface. Moreover, the tail rotor is not sturdy enough to resist collision damage so the helicopter is always prone to being disabled.

#4 The Bodhi


Another decent vehicle that fell victim to the dooming phenomenon of underrated-ness in GTA Online. The Bodhi features decent top speed and impressive acceleration, making it one of the smoothest vehicles in GTA Online.

However, since it has no roof, the player is always vulnerable to gunshots and the typical GTA casualties that often unfold in an online session packed with griefers and tryhards. It also seems to have ignition problems and the player might have to rev the engine a couple of times.

#3 The Washington:


This Police/Taxi vehicle performs much like any other sedan in GTA Online, featuring average top speed and decent acceleration. The only problem with this vehicle is that it's extremely perishable and can be enfeebled without much difficulty, and since most CEO/VIP jobs involve battling virtual goons, the Washington just doesn't cut it.

#2 The Stretch


The Stretch doesn't show a whole lot of improvement over its base variant in GTA Online. If anything, the advanced variant seems to have reduced top speed and less than average acceleration.

The vehicle's handling is somewhat better than that of the GTA IV variant, but, all in all, it's a pretty average car and is easily overshadowed by some of the more powerful VIP vehicles in GTA Online.

#1 The Dinghy


Boats have never been that popular in GTA Online, owing to the fact that most missions in the game are based on good hard ground or 100 feet up in the air. The Dinghy, too, is just another boat that players couldn't care less about, mostly because they don't have any use for it.

To be fair, however, the Dinghy is pretty maneuverable and boasts excellent top speed and acceleration. If need be, it would make for one heck of a VIP vehicle in GTA Online.

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