Top 5 highest-paying VIP missions in GTA Online

Image via Emerson Collie/YouTube
Image via Emerson Collie/YouTube

VIP work is one of the quickest ways to make some extra cash in GTA Online.

In order to access them, the player will need to be either a CEO or VIP. One way to become a VIP in GTA Online is to sign up via SecuroServ, but since that only gives the player four hours to grind as many jobs as possible, it is not recommended. Instead, players should aim to acquire permanent bonuses by registering as a CEO and purchasing an office in GTA Online.

This article talks about five of the best VIP jobs featured in GTA Online.

5 best VIP jobs in GTA Online

#5 - Headhunter


Headhunter is not only one of the most profitable VIP jobs in GTA Online but also the most exciting. When a VIP/CEO activates the mission, four targets appear on the map around San Andreas for the members of the organization to kill. The targets are sometimes stationary, sometimes moving and notoriously guarded. The player can make as much as GTA$30,000 upon completing this mission.

#4 - Sightseer


Sightseer is perhaps the easiest VIP job in GTA Online, and one of the most profitable as well. In this mission, the VIP/CEO will need to perform a hack via the SecuroServ app to find and retrieve targeted packages. Upon completion, the player can achieve a staggering reward of GTA$25,000. Considering this mission only takes a couple of minutes, the reward is hefty indeed.

#3 - Hostile Takeover


Hostile Takeover is another lucrative job that GTA Online players shouldn't miss out on. It is somewhat like Sightseer, but since there's always nasty combat involved, the player might not always win on the first shot. To complete this job, the player will need to scavenge for three hidden packages across the city by pulling off a couple of hacks. Upon completion, the player can make GTA$25,000 with Hostile Recovery in GTA Online.

#2 - Asset Recovery


Asset Recovery is one of the simplest missions in GTA Online. It involves stealing vehicles from a police station and taking them to a drop-off location. There are five possible locations for this job. The leader can choose where they would like to start: La Mesa Police Station, Mission Row Police Station, Vespucci Police Station, Vinewood Police Station, Sandy Shores Sheriff's Station and the Paleto Bay Sheriff's Office.

The mission is activated as soon as the player selects a location. The reward for this job varies depending on the number of vehicles stolen. Players can make $10,000 per vehicle and $5,000 per motorbike.

#1 - Piracy Prevention


This is one of the most interesting VIP jobs in GTA Online. The player needs to defend their yacht from capture by protecting its upper deck from attackers until the time runs out. It might not be the easiest mission on this list, but it's definitely worth the the big bucks that the player can whip up upon completing the job.

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