5 vehicles that cause a power imbalance in GTA Online

Image via GTA Wiki Fandom
Image via GTA Wiki Fandom

The power imbalance is a pretty common sight in online multiplayer games, especially ones as massive as GTA Online. Over time, developers will introduce new vehicles, weapons, and such in the game. But due to the wealth gap between the old and new, getting access to them can be a matter of how long one has been playing the game.

This is why freemode sessions can often be a chaotic wasteland, with veterans exercising their might over beginners and lower-leveled players. While the vehicles on this list are extremely useful and can be used for personal gain and not for griefing, it is ultimately up to the player how they choose to use it.

The vehicles on this list are extremely powerful and often run rampant in every GTA Online session.

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5 vehicles that cause a power imbalance in GTA Online

#5 - P-996 LAZER


Jets and other such airborne vehicles in GTA Online tend to get a pretty visceral reaction from each player in the session since they know they're about 10 seconds away from complete annihilation.

There is not much protection to be had from deadly jets such as the P-996 Lazer unless the player is bunkered down in some sort of heavily armored vehicle. The Lazer is an incredibly dangerous machine that sends waves of terror within a session.

#4 - Hydra


This VTOL attack jet is an absolute beast in GTA Online sessions as it takes off vertically and deploys a wide range of attacks to establish dominance. Like the P-996 Lazer, it is incredibly difficult to survive once the Hydra has locked in on the player's location and is gunning for them.

Jets as fast as the Hydra are incredibly tough to go up against while on the ground, but something like the Homing Launcher might come into use. RPGs might do more damage, but they lack the precision of the Homing Launcher.

#3 - Vigilante


The Grotti Vigilante makes no form of effort to hide exactly where it takes inspiration from, which is why GTA Online players love it so much. The Deluxo used to be the top boy amongst special weaponized vehicles, but it seems like the Vigilante is here to take its place.

For one, the Vigilante is incredibly dangerous on the ground as it tears through the city and rips through armor like sheet metal. GTA Online players love only a few things more than fast cars with big guns, and it simply doesn't get faster or bigger than the Vigilante when it comes to special vehicles in the game.

#2 - Toreador


The Pegassi Toreador, when considered in isolation, is an absolute menace and something that will cause a major ruckus in every GTA Online session. But rather than the instigator, many feel that the Toreador was brought in to restore balance and act as a deterrent to other more powerful vehicles.

To an extent, that has largely been true. But ultimately, the Toreador has a lot of room for exploitation and can be used for griefing as well. As mentioned previously, it is ultimately up to the individual player what they choose to do with their power in GTA Online.

The Toreador, for one, has unlimited missiles and a powerful rocket boost, which makes it both elusive and aggressive. The lack of heavy armor is the only weakness in the Toreador, but it is extremely hard to catch one with explosives or rockets.

#1 - Oppressor MKII


The ultimate king of power imbalance in GTA Online, the Oppressor MKII, has positively been a universal symbol for griefing. For years, the Oppressor MKII has single-handedly staved off any newcomers to the game by absolutely ruining the Freemode experience for all.

While the Oppressor MKII can be dealt with, it is hard to deny that it single-handedly was the source of all the major power imbalances in the game for a while. Players had to come up with various creative ways to battle the Oppressor MKII, and even then, it somehow managed to come up on top.

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