A complete list of gangs that disappeared between GTA Vice City Stories and Vice City

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games
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Despite GTA Vice City Stories taking place two years before GTA Vice City, several gangs have vanished in the latter game.

Two years seems like a small timeframe to consider, but the changes between GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Vice City are quite significant. Unsurprisingly, a lot of this happens because of the actions of Victor Vance in the former game. As the main protagonist of GTA Vice City Stories, he inevitably comes into conflict with several prominent gangs.

Likewise, Tommy Vercetti also finished off some prominent gangs of his own gang. There is some overlap between the two games in terms of what gangs are present. However, Vice City is a cruel location to live in and is bound to show off the realities of how crime doesn't always pay. For some of these gangs, their power and influence are practically non-existent in GTA Vice City.

A complete list of gangs that disappeared between GTA Vice City Stories and Vice City

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Both GTA Vice City Stories and Vice City have their unique gangs. For one reason or another, the following gangs have vanished within a time span of two years:

  • Cholos
  • Gonzales Syndicate
  • Mendez Cartel
  • Trailer Park Mafia
  • Vance Crime Family
  • White Stallionz

Technically, Diaz's gang also disappears in GTA Vice City, but it happens after Tommy kills Diaz. Hence, it's still present in the acts beforehand and is likely active in the two years between the two games.

Why did these gangs disappear after GTA Vice City Stories?

Image via JesusQuesadilla (YouTube)
Image via JesusQuesadilla (YouTube)

For the most part, these gangs vanished because the Vance Crime Family rose to power. As one gang rise, another is bound to fall. When that gang falls, another takes over their old territories.

A prime example of this is the Cholos in GTA Vice City Stories. Victor Vance helps the Cubans wipe out their forces, thus diminishing their influence over Vice City. Considering a lot of their properties are up for sale after a certain point in the story, it's likely that the Haitians of GTA Vice City took their territories.

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

The Gonzales Syndicate, Mendez Cartel, and Trailer Park Mafia are completely eradicated thanks to the events GTA Vice City Stories. The former likely joins Diaz's Gang, as Gonzales himself is now a member of Diaz's larger crew. The latter two are completely gone with no replacement.

The White Stallionz only appear in one mission in GTA Vice City Stories, so they aren't as influential as other gangs in the game. The bar they run in GTA Vice City Stories is renamed Crocs Bar, so it's possible they either rebranded themselves or just left the city.

The Vance Crime Family

Image via GTA Wiki
Image via GTA Wiki

Seeing as how Lance Vance is a major character, it seems strange that his own gang is completely irrelevant in GTA Vice City. However, there are several reasons as to why this logically happens.

First, Victor Vance dies in the opening cutscene of GTA Vice City. He was the more competent brother and was the leader of the gang in GTA Vice City Stories. Second, Lance Vance joins the Vercetti Gang, akin to how Gonzales joins Diaz's Gang. Hence, it is likely that most of the old Vance Crime Family would be assisting the Vercetti Gang in some manner.

Considering Lance Vance also died in the finale of GTA Vice City, it is likely that the Vance Crime Family disbanded.

Gangs that appear in both games

Image via Super Gamer X (YouTube)
Image via Super Gamer X (YouTube)

Victor Vance doesn't kill off every gang's chances of survival. The following gangs are still in action between the two GTA games:

  • Cubans
  • Diaz's Gang
  • Sharks
  • Vice City Bikers

Although the military is also classified as a gang in-game, they're technically a different type of gang.

Out of these four gangs, the Sharks were the most harmed in the transition. In GTA Vice City Stories, they had a fair amount of territory throughout Ocean Beach, Washington Beach, Prawn Island, Vice Point, and Viceport. In GTA Vice City, they're practically limited to Prawn Island and Vice Point.

Image via Lauren Cachera (Pinterest)
Image via Lauren Cachera (Pinterest)

Bikers are similar in that they own several territories that Victor can take over. They're still prominent in GTA Vice City, just not to the same extent as two years prior. Unlike the Sharks, Tommy Vercetti can work with the Vice City Bikers.

Diaz's gang benefited a lot in the transition between the two games. Although they're wiped out in GTA Vice City, they're still the most noteworthy gang prior to their defeat. They practically control the drug trade in Vice City, making Diaz one of the wealthiest people in the city.

As for the Cubans, the defeat of their old enemies, the Cholos, is a major boon to their activities. It does make Haitians appear in GTA Vice City Stories, but that's a different topic altogether.

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