All Cerberus Surprise locations in GTA Online Halloween 2023 update

This spooky random event is available in Halloween 2023
This spooky random event is available in Halloween 2023 (Image via Rockstar Games)

Cerberus Surprise is a returning GTA Online random event in the big Halloween 2023 update, which involves a driverless Apocalypse Cerberus chasing the player. There aren't any rewards for participating, yet some gamers might be curious to check out this spooky fright as a break from the usual grind. There are 12 locations where this Random Event can take place.

Each Cerberus Surprise spawns near the 12 places where Exotic Exports occur. This guide will include a map and briefly describe each of them. GTA Online players can participate in this random event until the Halloween 2023 content ends.

Where to find Cerberus Surprise in GTA Online Halloween 2023

There are 12 locations in total (Image via
There are 12 locations in total (Image via

The above map shows all 12 locations where GTA Online players can find a Cerberus Surprise, marked by the red icons. Here is a quick list of areas where players can find this random event:

  • No Marks Cleaners at Paleto Bay
  • LTD Gasoline at Grapeseed
  • Earl's Mini-Mart at Grand Senora Desert
  • Yellow Jack Inn at Grand Senora Desert
  • Random gas station at Harmony
  • Xero Filling Station in Pacific Bluffs
  • Rob's Liquor at Vespucci Canals
  • Caesars Auto Parking at Pillbox Hill
  • Xero Filling Station at Strawberry
  • LTD Gasoline at Mirror Park
  • RON Filing Station at El Burro Heights
  • Random parking lot at Los Santos International Airport

To kickstart the event, you must enter the Exotic Exports vehicle in the areas mentioned above and try to deliver it to the docks. However, not everybody can begin Cerberus Surprise from the get-go, and there are some caveats regarding how players can initiate the event.



Here are the requirements that GTA Online players must fulfill to be eligible for Cerberus Surprise on Halloween 2023:

  • Player count: There must be at least two players in the session.
  • Cooldown: It takes 16 minutes after you join a lobby for the random event to potentially become available.
  • Miscellaneous: You must be on foot or in a normal vehicle for it to spawn nearby.

These limitations mean gamers who prefer solo sessions won't be able to start this random event. Since there are no rewards for participating, the main purpose of this activity is the potential fun it has to offer. After all, you're literally getting rammed by a Cerberus, possibly even being sent flying by that large vehicle.

More details about this random event

This vehicle is a modified Cerberus (Image via GTA Wiki)
This vehicle is a modified Cerberus (Image via GTA Wiki)

The vehicle is driverless, meaning you cannot just shoot at an NPC to force it to stop. This truck is also invulnerable to damage, making it a dangerous random event to stumble across in GTA Online. It can also teleport nearby in case you drive too far away from it.

Cerberus Surprise is one of many aggressive random events in GTA Online Halloween 2023 this year. There is also Phantom Cars, a much less threatening version of Cerberus Surprise since you're being chased by a flaming Tornado Custom instead.

Among other threats looming large in Los Santos are Halloween Slashers, which involves an NPC trying to beat you up with a melee weapon, or Possessed Animals.

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