Look at all GTA 6 map leaks that have come up so far

Quite a few GTA 6 map leaks have come out (Image via Sportskeeda)
Quite a few GTA 6 map leaks have come out (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 6 has been a hot topic of discussion within the gaming community. The most recent title, GTA 5, is still up and running while it readies for a relaunch for third-generation consoles.

Leaks for GTA 6 are pretty common on the web but mostly make up for clickbait titles. The map is an aspect of the game that has seen many discussions.

Some GTA 6 map leaks seen in the community

Fred's Fun World

4Chan has for long been considered the source of most leaks related to the upcoming game. The post about the so-called prediction/leak made quite a few rounds on the web. This image is the latest release being linked to the leaker.

This image of a computer monitor shows a flyer/poster for a theme park called Fred's Fun World. It may look random, but avid fans of the RPG series have gone into minute detail while breaking it down.

Some say the art style looks a lot like what Rockstar Games would use. Others say the tiny text at the bottom, referring to restrooms, is something the developer would do.


This tweet by BOCOBOCACO is also quite recent, and the game's subreddit members have had a long talk about this one. The language used in the tweet may sound quite convincing, but community members were quick to identify the hoax and bust the myth.

The image is an edited version of the map of Rio, Brazil, and nothing more.

Florida-ish map leak

This is a restitched image made from the shaky video released not long ago. The video features a very nervous recorder (nervous enough not to record the screen properly) with trembling hands trying to leak the map of the latest edition. Redditors and gamers alike were pretty quick to spot the fakes.

Several red flags have been marked on this image. Most noticeably, the roads presented in the map are not nearly detailed enough to belong to an HD Universe game. They mostly resemble maps from older editions of the series and are pretty outdated.

Secondly, the fonts used for the legend are also from older titles, and Rockstar does not use them anymore.

The most obvious red flag was the shaky camera. People could not figure out why the screen could not be recorded better if it was a legitimate leak.

Rockstar hiring 3D map artists

According to some Redditors, Rockstar recently went on a hiring spree looking for 3D map artists. All fans of the publisher know that they always have 2D maps, thus sparking a discussion as to whether the upcoming edition of the game will be the first to sport a 3D map.

Some fans are optimistic, while others say Rockstar keeps hiring people for many projects, not only the Grand Theft Auto series.

Note: All the above points can be classified as speculation and assumption. Please take them all with a grain of salt.

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