All you need to know about the Albany Roosevelt in GTA Online

(Image via Rockstar Games)
(Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online makes a great case for itself as a racing game as it is an action-adventure online multiplayer title. Over the years, Rockstar Games has developed a reputation as one of the best publishers in the industry with a careful eye when it comes to detail.

Studios such as Rockstar Games and their subsidiaries have prioritized giving as much attention to detail as possible in their games. As a massive online multiplayer game, GTA Online presents a wholly unique challenge from a development standpoint.

While GTA Online is far from Rockstar's first big online multiplayer project, it is quite dense with all sorts of detail and packed with all kinds of facts not seen previously. One of the fascinating aspects of GTA Online is the various types of cars on offer.

The online multiplayer model allows Rockstar Games to drop new cars and other vehicles in GTA Online. Some are available for a limited period like the Albany Roosevelt.

All you need to know about the Albany Roosevelt in GTA Online


"Party like it's the Prohibition era in this armored 1920s limousine. Perfect for a gangster and his moll on their first date or they're last. Let the Valentine's Day massacres commence."

―Legendary Motorsport description.

Albany Roosevelt was introduced in GTA Online from February 13 to March 3, 2014 as part of the Valentine's Day Massacre Special event. However, it was then later released and will be available for purchase indefinitely.

Players can now buy the Albany Roosevelt from Legendary Motorsport for $750,000. The car doesn't exactly have anything to write home about when it comes to performance as it handles as well as a cart of bricks, but its appearance makes up for it in spades.

The Albany Roosevelt looks absolutely fantastic, and its two variants: Fränken Stange(Hotrod) and Roosevelt Valor are significant purchases as well. The car is the perfect accessory for players going for a vintage gangster vibe in GTA Online, hanging out the side of the windows with Tommy-Guns.

The car doesn't have armor plating like its real-life inspiration, meaning players are vulnerable to gunfire and missiles, but that adds to the charm of this elegant and regal charm.



(source: GTA wiki Fandom)

  • The vehicle is named after Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 26th and 32nd Presidents of the United States.
  • The fact that the car spawns in green in single-player garages is also a reference to Al Capone's personal car, which was also painted green to match Chicago police cars.
  • It is one of four cars to be named after a US President, the others being the Jefferson, Washington and Monroe.

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