Amidst the Twitch gambling stream controversy, fans want xQc to be banned from the NoPixel GTA RP server again 

Fans want xQc to be banned from the GTA RP server again (Image via xQcOW Twitch)
Fans want xQc to be banned from the GTA RP server again (Image via xQcOW Twitch)
Nakul Ahuja

Days after Félix "xQc" Lengyel was involved in the Twitch gambling stream drama, the Canadian streamer has come under fire yet again for using inappropriate language towards GTA RP server's police officers.

xQc received a permanent ban from the NoPixel GTA RP server back in May. The reason was his rude behavior towards other roleplayers on the platform. He was awarded yet another lifeline and returned to the server as his cop character and stayed out of trouble.

Sadly, things got out of hand and xQc found himself in turbulent waters during one of his recent streams.

The former Overwatch pro failed to evade police following a bank heist. Additionally, he disagreed with the charges put on him by the police officers and continued to call one of them a "b***h." Naturally, this stirred a debate with fellow roleplayers and his viewers.

Several viewers suggested that the Canadian streamer should be banned once again. xQc was quick to respond and lashed out at his viewers, revealing that police officers, too, call him all sorts of names when he messes up.

This is what he said:

“When I do dumb s**t and I’m being annoying to them, they call me a bunch of stupid ass names because I’m being a dumbass and they’re calling me out for it. That’s fine! If you act like a bitch, I say hey man, you’re being kind of a bitch. I don’t understand the problem with it.”

The variety streamer returned to the NoPixel GTA RP server a month back so it's highly unlikely that he will be banned again.

xQc defends Twitch gambling streams

Things took a turn for the worse when H3h3's Ethan Klein created an account on Twitch and criticized streamers like Trainwrecks and Adin Ross for cheating their viewers.

The Canadian streamer called Ethan "shameful" for making invalid points and also lashed out at the aforementioned streamers for not defending themselves.

Pokimane, too, has spoken on the issue on numerous occasions and weighed in this time around as well. She blamed Trainwrecks for making his viewers lose money.

xQc, however, lashed out at Pokimane for her "biased" opinion and compared gambling streams to other activities like smoking and drinking.

Streamers like Trainwrecks and Adin Ross have often discouraged their viewers, trying to ensure that they don't lose money. Sadly, gambling streams remain a hot topic and it won't be long before Twitch weighs in to put an end to it.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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