GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition now has the one of the lowest user scores on Metacritic

The GTA Trilogy has not been looking too hot lately (Image via Sportskeeda)
The GTA Trilogy has not been looking too hot lately (Image via Sportskeeda)

Massive fan backlash has led the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition to have one of the lowest user scores on Metacritic.

Unhappy with the current state of the game, many voiced their frustrations on the Metacritic website. The GTA trilogy has been review bombed so badly that it now has a 0.5 user score. As a result, this makes it one of the lowest rated games by a AAA company.

While there are shovelware titles on the market with slightly lower scores, these are from much smaller companies. For the GTA series to be rated so poorly on Metacritic was unthinkable years ago. It's a steep drop from the acclaimed heights of the original classics.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is one of the lowest rated games on Metacritic, according to user scores

There was so much hype for the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition. However, it failed to meet player expectations for a number of reasons. The current Metacritic user score is indicative of a much larger problem.

The GTA Trilogy now have a user score of 0.5

User reviews have not been kind to the remastered GTA Trilogy. The current user score on Metacritic now stands at 0.5. By comparison, the infamous Warcraft III: Reforged had a Metacritic user score of 0.6. The remastered GTA trilogy has now overtaken it with poor user ratings.

Over 3,000 GTA players have review bombed the website, as they continue to call out Rockstar for their practices.

What went wrong?


The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition has suffered from several issues, many of which have yet to be resolved. Despite Rockstar's promises to upgrade gameplay and graphics, players are still having problems. Here are just a few examples of why many gave it a low user score:

  • All three games run at a very low FPS
  • Character models look drastically different
  • Rain particle effects are a visual distraction
  • Some missions can't be completed due to oversights
  • Graphical bugs are commonplace throughout the game

Even worse, there were severe issues with the Rockstar Launcher. The PC version was unavailable for several days as Rockstar took it down for maintenance. Some players couldn't even play the GTA Trilogy on its launch date.

It should come as no surprise if anyone is familiar with Grove Street Games, formerly War Drum Studios. They were responsible for porting GTA San Andreas to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which turned out to be a major disaster.

Fans continue to ask for refunds from Rockstar

Whether it's on console or PC, many GTA players are demanding a full refund. PC players had it the worst, since the game wasn't made available for a while. Those who did play it had several issues with the game. Some users even resorted to giving out refund instructions:

All of this has contributed to one of the lowest user scores in Metacritic history. The remastered games had one of the worst launches in recent history.

it remains to be seen if future patches will solve these problems. What is clear is that the GTA Trilogy is one of the lowest rated games on Metacritic.

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