5 best Lamar Contact Missions in GTA Online to make money, ranked

Lamar Davis has a few good jobs for the player
Lamar Davis has a few good jobs for the player (Image via Rockstar Games)

Lamar Contact Missions present an easy way for less-skilled players to earn money in GTA Online without much difficulty. This article will highlight the best ones to attempt for the average gamer based on how challenging they are and their potential profit. Ideally, you should be attempting Lamar's Contact Missions on Hard Mode to maximize your earnings from each job. Ranks and other minor details related to these undertakings will be listed below.

It is worth noting that the Lowrider missions won't be listed in this article since they all require two to four players to complete. If an individual wants to earn money in GTA Online via Contact Missions, it's best to do them solo and not rely on other gamers when more profitable group activities like heists exist.

Moreover, players might have trouble recruiting somebody to farm a regular mission with them when better alternatives are available. That said, here are five Lamar Contact Missions ideal for making money.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Five of Lamar Davis's best Contact Missions in GTA Online to make money during event weeks

5) Ballas to the Wall


This suggestion is meant for new players who have just started playing GTA Online and need something easy to do. Lamar's easiest Contact Mission is Ballas to the Wall, which just involves you stealing a Schafter and delivering it to Premium Deluxe Motorsport.

Beginners can feel free to repeat this mission multiple times to earn money if they wish to do some grinding, especially during event weeks that make Lamar's Contact Missions pay more. If one struggles with this job, then they're unlikely to be able to complete anything else mentioned on this list. You need to be Rank 5 to attempt this mission.

4) Caught Napping


Caught Napping is a Rank 20 Lamar Contact Mission that also involves Ballas gang members. This time, the player is tasked with rescuing Leroy from them and delivering him to his store. It's pretty straightforward and easy to do on Hard Mode, like the other jobs on this list.

The main downside is that Leroy has to survive, and NPC AI can be a bit flimsy in GTA Online at times. Nonetheless, most skilled drivers and decent marksmen should have no trouble getting rid of any Ballas that show up near them.

3) No Smoking


Lamar has three Contact Missions that involve stealing a truck and delivering it somewhere. The easiest of them would be No Smoking since it's the only one that doesn't involve you having to lose the cops. Instead, you just deal with some minor gang members.

At the very least, GTA Online players don't have to try to get rid of their Wanted Level, which could be a bit annoying for beginners. This job has the highest Rank requirement on this list; you need to be Rank 30 to attempt it.

2) Lost MC RIP


Eliminating Lost MC gang members should be a breeze for most GTA Online players. You can attempt Lost MC RIP if you're Rank 25 or higher. It's basically just a shootout at the cemetery against some bikers. The pay is solid, and this job is easy; what more could a player want?

This mission is nearly a decade old, and the weaponry has only improved since then. Take advantage of the tombstones for cover and use snacks or armor whenever necessary to easily clear Lost MC RIP.

1) Going Down the GOH


GTA Online players can easily farm Going Down the GOH, especially if they know the Tanker's route. You can wait on the highway for it to drive by, eliminate the enemies inside that vehicle, and then take the Tanker to its destination. This Lamar Contact Mission is also fairly long for how easy it is, ensuring that players will get plenty of money when they complete the objective.

If there was any job here to grind repeatedly, this one would be the best option. The only limitation is that players need to be Rank 20 or higher, which is virtually nothing in present-day GTA Online. Hence, most gamers can easily do Going Down the GOH.

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