Can GTA 6 map leaks be relied upon?

A fan-made map for GTA 6 combining all the maps in the series (Image via nsilano21, Reddit)
A fan-made map for GTA 6 combining all the maps in the series (Image via nsilano21, Reddit)

There have been several leaks concerning GTA 6 over the years, the most common one being map leaks. Most of these leaks are hardly believable, and it is quite easy to see why.

Throughout the years, GTA 6 has been the subject of intense speculation and debate. Fans have been engaged in guessing out the location and features of the next title. In fact, this hype has already made it one of the most greatly awaited games of the near future.

There have been plenty of leaks alongside this to fuel the hype even further. Some of these are from renowned and credible sources, while others are from trolls. There are many red flags to look out for when determining the credibility of a leak.

This article will discuss some of the pointers to identify a map leak for GTA 6.

GTA 6: How credible are the map leaks?


Many sources have sprung up to post GTA 6 leaks on the internet. The more credible ones include Tom Henderson and Jason Schreier. The former has been tweeting bits of information about the game, while the latter has merely confirmed those leaks.

Many fans believe Henderson's leaks indicate that Rockstar is working on a sequel to GTA Online rather than GTA 5. Several fans have been left disappointed at these leaks and lost the hype that they felt before.

Fake leaks, however, aim to increase the hype for a game through fantastical information. Some of these are quite obvious, yet anxious fans may still fall for them.

How to identify fake map leaks?


Fake map leaks for the GTA series go back to when the games started getting widespread recognition. A common sign to all of them is the shaky hands syndrome. Almost every other fake map leak is a blurry and illegible mess.

It's almost as if the leaker doesn't want viewers to work out the details. Sometimes it is made in such a way to give the impression of a hurried recording. Another common aspect of fake leaks is that they may be too detailed to be true. This isn't restricted to map leaks but any GTA 6 leak in general.

The Project Americas leak gave birth to such a long and detailed post on Reddit by JackOLantern1982. The fact that the user almost described an entire game in a single leak made it seem sketchy. With map leaks, it is even easier to determine their legibility.

Poorly drawn ones or those which look awfully similar to the map of GTA 5 are clearly fake. Blurry and hurried footage is a major indication, but some non-GTA-like fonts are also a dead giveaway.

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