New GTA 6 leaks by Jason Schreier confirm Tom Henderson's release date reveal

GTA 6 is unlikely to be released before 2025 (Image via ItzFrolickz, YouTube)
GTA 6 is unlikely to be released before 2025 (Image via ItzFrolickz, YouTube)
Rajarshi Acharya

GTA 6 fans won't be getting the game anytime soon, as a 2025 release date seems to be growing more plausible by the day.

GTA 5 was released almost a decade ago, and if the next game is released in 2025, it will be a 12-year hiatus. Tom Henderson, a reputable video games leaker well-known for his Battlefield and Call of Duty leaks, has been tweeting a lot about GTA 6 in 2021.

He recently made a video on YouTube where he stated everything he's learned about the game so far and purported a 2024-25 release date. This disappointed most fans who were eagerly anticipating a release within 2023.

GTA 6: Jason Schreier confirms 2025 release


Prominent game journalist Jason Schreier has been relatively consistent in claiming that GTA 6 won't be coming anytime soon. A recent tweet by him confirmed Henderson's claim of a 2024-25 release date.

Jason Schreier further stated that whatever Tom Henderson has reported in his recent video matches exactly what he's heard regarding GTA 6. Now that two reputable sources have confirmed a 2025 release date, it makes the prospect even more credible than before.

On top of this, Rockstar Games hasn't yet made any official announcement related to GTA 6, thereby increasing fan anxiety even further. The best they've done is a possible teaser hinting at GTA 6 in the teaser trailer for the Cayo Perico Heist update.

Fans naturally end up disappointed with a leak that is often more credible, as fake leaks intentionally build up mass hype. After Schreier confirmed the leaks on Henderson's release date, some fans ended up expressing their anger at the latter, which the leaker tweeted out about:

It has been said repeatedly that no leaks should be taken so seriously, and even the most reputable leakers present all information with such a disclaimer.

Despite this, it is hard not to disappoint fans when they've already jumped on the hype train. As seen with Cyberpunk 2077, this can be quite harmful, especially if promises are not kept, and a developer makes completely false claims about their game.

However, Rockstar has consistently delivered a successful game with each release, particularly with the GTA titles. Because of the excitement that a Grand Theft Auto game can generate, they keep everything under wraps until they are ready.

All GTA offerings have been met with critical acclaim and positive fan feedback. Thus, it is reasonable for fans to anticipate an equally satisfying experience with GTA 6, no matter how long it takes to come out.

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