Complete list of superyacht missions in GTA Online in 2022

A complete list of Superyacht missions in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)
A complete list of Superyacht missions in GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

Rockstar Games has released another weekly GTA Online update giving players 4X rewards on completing A Superyacht Life mission.

Superyacht missions are given to players by Captain Brendan Darcy, who guides them every second in different tasks like collecting cargo, redeeming stolen things, eliminating some folks, and fighting against the odds.

A total of six missions under "A Superyacht Life" can be played by a maximum of four players in GTA Online. They can initiate these missions from the yacht bridge or call the captain for a job request.

Players who purchase the Galaxy Superyacht, which is available at a discount of 50% between now and July 6, and complete all A Superyacht missions will receive a considerable sum of one million rebates to their Maze Bank account. To make things more enticing, it’s available at a massive discount of 50% this week.

Superyacht missions in GTA Online: A brief overview

1) Overboard


Get a jet ski to go after the thieves in the city, eliminate them, and bring the documents to the captain. While performing the task, players have to run to save lives because they get targeted by security guards. After collecting the documents, destroy 10 boats of enemies in the name of revenge around the marina with the help of some provided weapons and put the boats on fire.

When all the ten boats are destroyed, the player loses the “wanted level” and can come back to the captain as the mission completes.

2) Salvage


When it comes to collecting the things available for free, it’s an opportunity that's hard to miss, so head towards the south of the yacht and dive into the water to get seven sunken cargo scattered around a sunken ship. It is easy to find as it is noon and the water is clear enough to see the submerged objects in GTA Online.

Afterward, players have to eliminate the invaders who hijacked the ship while taking care of the safety of others and save the lives of the captain and bartender, who unfortunately got kidnapped. Once both of them get back to the yacht carefully, the mission is complete.

3) All Hands


Extinguish the flames from the cars and other places before the fire department does. Some business dealer acquaintances own these cars, and players need to reach the location by an aerial firefighter plane they steal from the airport, run away from the place before the guards catch you, and set the alarm for “two stars wanted level” in GTA Online.

The plane's water tank needs to be refilled to extinguish the fire, and the task is also invaded by some attackers who make it hard to complete the work. After saving the cars and the site, the captain tells the player to bring the plane back to the yacht so that they can sell it to earn some bucks, which concludes the mission.

4) Icebreaker


After completing the previous missions, the captain shares a plan in two steps to take revenge on the invaders. He informs the players to go to their warehouse and destroy the air-conditioning units that keep some sensitive products cold so that they can be ruined, and the gang faces some loss in business.

There are attacks from all sides during this task, but players have to survive. After destroying all ten air-conditioning units, steal the prepared product and sell it to the buyer to complete the GTA mission.

5) Bon Voyage


This is one of the hardest missions of Super Yacht Life, which needs to be done in the darkness of the night. The weather conditions are extremely unfavorable, with some high tides, lighting, and sea storms. This causes malfunctions in the generators and engines of the yacht that stop working by that point, and enemies arrive from everywhere, whether it’s from under the water or from the dark sky.

Players can’t run away from it and need to take care of the uninvited guests until the conditions settle down.

6) D-Day


To take down any of the gang at once, target the boss. This final mission gives players the task of heading toward the boat of enemies and eliminating the boss, but this time the mode of transportation is a submarine. It is important to stay low to avoid detection and take care of the mines set up by the gang, so the safe depth is between 27-350 ft.

After reaching the boat, eliminate the enemies and destroy the boss's plane, who’s trying to escape in one of the helicopters, and the mission finishes after collecting the reward.

Stake your claim on the high seas — complete A Superyacht Life missions to earn a bounteous haul of 4X GTA$ and RP.Plus, get three additional GTA$100K bonuses this week — one each for completing Salvage, Icebreaker, and D-Day:

To conclude, this is the perfect time for players to enjoy a life of luxury in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean and fill their bank accounts with a huge sum of money all this week. With no GTA 6 on the horizon, players can keep themselves busy in GTA Online for a while as Rockstar keeps on releasing new updates every week.

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