Crime Boss: Rockay City looks like 90s version of GTA 6, with noticeable gameplay differences

Official artwork for the new game
Official artwork for the new game (Image via 505 Games)

One very interesting game shown at The Game Awards 2022 was Crime Boss: Rockay City, which had similar vibes to GTA 6. For starters, this game takes place in Florida, the state where Vice City is canonly located within the Grand Theft Auto universe. The massive September mega-leak confirmed that GTA 6 takes place in Vice City, so that's one similarity.

But that's not the sole point of comparison. Crime Boss: Rockay City is also a video game focusing heavily on the criminal world. Not only that, but it even has a star-studded lineup, something you would typically only see in the Grand Theft Auto series' past games.

Crime Boss: Rockay City has similar vibes to GTA 6


You can check out the full reveal trailer in the above YouTube video embed. It is only a minute and eight seconds long. Gamers can see that Crime Boss: Rockay City takes place in a fictional location named Rockay City.

The town is located in Florida, which is why some players have compared it to GTA 6 in various online social media posts.

This new game takes place in Florida, and this screenshot has Vice City vibes to it (Image via 505 Games)
This new game takes place in Florida, and this screenshot has Vice City vibes to it (Image via 505 Games)

Screenshots like this would inevitably draw comparisons to Vice City's iconic Ocean Drive. The confirmation that Crime Boss: Rockay City takes place in the 90s is also enough to help it stand out compared to the usual 80s nostalgia associated with Rockstar's fictional city.

InGame Studios has confirmed the following voice actors for their new game:

  • Michael Madsen as Travis Baker
  • Kim Basinger as Casey
  • Daimon Poitier as Nasara
  • Danny Trejo as The Dragon
  • Danny Glover as Glover
  • Michael Rooker as Touchdown
  • Vanilla Ice as Hielo
  • Chuck Norris is also in the game

That's a pretty good lineup of notable names, meaning that InGame Studios' newest title has some good recognition for what's essentially a new major project from an unproven development team.

Comparing Crime Boss: Rockay City with GTA 6


While there isn't any official footage for GTA 6, some leaked videos show that the game still closely follows the usual Grand Theft Auto experience. Although Crime Boss: Rockay City might have some similar vibes, the actual gameplay is noticeably different, as evident in the above YouTube video.

This new game is described as a "first-person shooter heist game" that possesses both solo and multiplayer gameplay. The above video shows development footage that is subject to change, meaning gamers should expect more polish before it's released.

Payday is the most similar video game franchise regarding the overall gameplay of InGame Studios' newest title.

A screenshot of InGame Studios' newest title (Image via 505 Games)
A screenshot of InGame Studios' newest title (Image via 505 Games)

One notable aspect is that this new game doesn't appear to be an open-world venture where you can steal cars and free roam to your heart's content. Ergo, this title's location and good cast would be as far as the similarities between it and the GTA series go.

Still, the 90s aesthetic is a nice concept, even if some aspects of the game might seem anachronistic.

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