Dinka RT3000 in GTA Online: Real-life equivalent, in-game performance, and more

A Dinka RT3000 in GTA Online with a custom vinyl (Image via Rockstar Games)
A Dinka RT3000 in GTA Online with a custom vinyl (Image via Rockstar Games)

The Dinka RT3000 in GTA Online is one of 17 cars introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update. It is a tuner car based on the Honda S2000, a popular roadster that is highly regarded in the JDM community.

The car is considered one of the best drift cars in the game and is great for racing as well. This article explains and evaluates all of the details surrounding this particular vehicle in the game.

Evaluating the Dinka RT3000 in GTA Online: Design, performance, price, and more



It's as clear as day to any car enthusiast that the Dinka RT3000 is a blatant clone of the Honda S2000. The name itself is a giveaway, but Rockstar has made the car itself look way too similar to its real-world inspiration.

It seems to represent the AP1 variant that was first released in 1999. The interior design is very similar to some other GTA Online cars like the Coquette, the Serrano, and the Blista Kanjo.



Despite having a high top speed (119.25 mph) and acceleration, the Dinka RT3000 stops short due to its inferior traction. This makes it suffer from significant oversteers and a lack of stability while going round corners. The steering sensitivity is quite tight and snappy, although this can't prevent the oversteer.

It has a tendency to wheelspin at launch, negating its outstanding acceleration, but can easily catch up to the vehicles ahead of it. The best feature of the RT3000 is its braking, which is simply the best in its class (33.33%, according to game files).



The RT3000 is available from Southern San Andreas Super Autos, with a base price of $1,715,000 and a Trade Price of $1,286,250. Trade Prices for Los Santos Tuners cars in GTA Online are unlocked at random, with a new car's Trade Price unlocked at every 5 Reputation Levels.



Despite its weak traction and tendency to oversteer, the Dinka RT3000 is quite possibly the best drifting car in GTA Online. The accurate steering allows the driver to switch the car's direction rather quickly, and the vehicle's attributes make it simpler to commence a drift without a handbrake.

All that is required is to switch the front direction quickly enough for the rear end to swing out and countersteer it back. This results in a flawless drift that is easy to maintain.

Note: Top speed measured by Broughy1322.

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