How to get Car Reputation points faster in GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update

GTA Online is still going fast with Los Santos Tuners (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA Online is still going fast with Los Santos Tuners (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA Online players are trying their hardest to accumulate reputation points in the new Los Santos Tuners update.

The reputation level system goes from one to a thousand. It gets progressively harder to level up each time, since players need to acquire more points.

Every five levels or so gives them better trade prices. There are two ways to attain reputation points - daily and constant activities.

For every new reputation level, players can unlock new features in GTA Online. This includes race modes, vehicle customization, and exclusive merch. It's quite similar to the Arena Wars update years back.

As Rockstar Games puts it, reputation will elevate the presence of a player.

How GTA Online players can earn Car Reputation points faster in the Los Santos Tuners update

Admittedly, it can be rather difficult trying to grind everything all at once. GTA Online players will need patience and skill to earn reputation points faster. Nonetheless, there are a few ways to do it.

Visiting the LS Car Meet


GTA Online players should consider visiting the LS Car Meet often. Every single day a player stops by, Rockstar Games will reward them with reputation points. This will add up over time.

The reputation points are as follows for each consecutive day:

  • Seven consecutive days - 100 reputation points
  • 14 consecutive days - 250 reputation points
  • 30 consecutive days - 500 reputation points

Test driving vehicles


LS Car Meet allows players to test drive vehicles. Whether it's their own or a specific vehicle of the day, players will earn reputation points. They should also perform quick drives around the block.

GTA Online players can do this every single day for reputation points. It also gives them a reason to try new vehicles.

Buy the new clothing


Every time players unlock a new item of clothing, they should buy it to earn reputation points. Wearing these clothes while hanging out in the LS Car Meet will gradually add more reputation points every four minutes or so. Players can also look cool doing so, which is a bonus.

Perform various races


Los Santos Tuners is all about the need for speed, especially with the release of high-speed vehicles. Naturally, reputation depends on their driving skills. GTA Online players can perform several different types of races to earn their reputation.

For example, players can repeatedly do Sprint, Pursuit, and Street races. The latter two will provide them with 125 points for participation; winning those races adds an extra 100.

However, it also depends on the number of participants. For this reason, 16-player races are the most desirable.

Be mindful of activities which do not earn reputation


Auto shop work and contract missions will not give players reputation points. The only way to earn it is through street races and the LS Car Meet. Grinding reputation points can be a slow process.

GTA Online players should take the time to enjoy themselves with the Los Santos Tuners update.

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