Do you need PS Plus to play GTA Online on PS4? A beginner’s guide

GTA Online (Image via
GTA Online (Image via

GTA Online was released on the 1st of October back in 2013 on PC and on consoles such as the PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and the XBOX One. While the game has been extremely popular ever since its release, a lot of people still purchase the game to enjoy its vast and evergreen missions and updates.

Players can start playing GTA Online by buying GTA 5 and selecting the online feature in the main menu. Although this is all that players need to do on the PC, the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One work a little differently.


Is a PS Plus subscription required to play GTA Online on PS4?

GTA Online is an MMORPG where players can join their friends in playing the game. To connect to an online server, players need to start the game and go online. Those on consoles do need a membership for their multiplayer service to be able to play online.

The answer is yes, players do need a PS Plus membership to play any multiplayer game, which includes GTA Online. The PS Plus membership allows players to connect in-game online.


With the latest Los Santos Tuners update in GTA Online, the game has many new players joining in. Even old players who have been absent due to lack of content are rejoining the experience. This makes getting the PS Plus membership worth it as it also gives other games and add-ons that players can enjoy with their friends.

PlayStation Plus is a service that lets players do more online. It is an enhanced version of the PlayStation Network and it packs many features for players to enjoy on the PlayStation. PS Plus can be used to play multiplayer games online and it presents two free games every month. Having a membership also offers a few special skins in some games.

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