5 things to do in GTA Online if you're bored

GTA Online offers a variety of things that players can do (Image via Comic Book)
GTA Online offers a variety of things that players can do (Image via Comic Book)
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GTA Online is a great addition to the GTA series as a whole. The developers have continuously added new missions and activities for players.

The title offers many different activities that players can try out if they're bored of playing the regular missions or just want to try out something new.

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5 entertaining things to do in GTA Online

1) Hire Mercenaries or muggers and watch it live

GTA Online players will know that they can use mercenaries and muggers to fool around with other players in the lobby. If gamers hire a mercenary, he or she will chase down the player's target and eliminate them, while muggers knock down the target and run away with whatever money the target had in their wallet at that instant.

It is an enjoyable thing for players to do and even better to see this live feed on their TVs in GTA Online.


2) Play Golf

GTA Online has a wide variety of things to explore or do, and one of them is golf. Players can even have golf sessions with up to three other friends in GTA Online. This is a great and fun pastime for players who want to take a break from killing and looting other people or for ones who simply want to try out their golfing skills.


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3) Flight School

Stealing planes has become a walk in the park for GTA players. But it can be even more fun to learn it.

In GTA Online, players who are bored of stealing planes and shooting enemies can try out learning how to fly a plane. Players need to visit Los Santos International, and there they'll notice a little plane icon that denotes the flight school. They can even earn gold medals in each mission.


4) Play Tennis

Players who love tennis can even do that in GTA Online. The game is well executed with good mechanics that enhance the overall fun of the game. Interested players can even play the game with their friends or have a quick match to see who is better.


5) Custom Races

Players can take part in a variety of fun and interesting races in GTA Online. They can even design custom races and deathmatches in GTA Online Content Creator. GTA Online Content Creator is a great tool for players to have fun with the game and let their creative juices flow.


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