Full list of all collectibles and their rewards in GTA San Andreas

All collectibles in GTA San Andreas and their rewards (Image via Rockstar Games)
All collectibles in GTA San Andreas and their rewards (Image via Rockstar Games)
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GTA San Andreas is a classic game where players get to explore the cities of Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. To make things more fun, Rockstar Games has added a few collectibles in the game that players can find and get rewards for.

Players need to search the map for these collectibles, and some are important to get 100% completion of the game.

All collectibles in GTA San Andreas and their rewards

A total of six collectibles are available in GTA San Andreas. Here is what players need to know about them:

1) Tags


There are 100 graffiti Tags on walls in Los Santos. Once the players complete spraying all of the gang tags, they receive Molotov Cocktail, AK-47, Sawn-off Shotgun and TEC 9 delivered to the kitchen at the Johnson House. Completing the gang tags also gives Grove Street Gang members Desert Eagles, SMGs and knives instead of the usual pistol and TEC 9.

2) Snapshots


There are 50 Snapshots in San Fierro, and taking each snapshot in the game gives the player $100. Collecting all the snapshots makes the player $5000 richer and gives them four weapon spawns that are available at Doherty Garage. The weapons that are spawned are the Micro Uzi, Grenades, Pump Action Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle, and the player will also be awarded a bonus of $100,000.

3) Horseshoes


There are 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas, and collecting each horseshoe gives the player $100. Upon collecting all 50 horseshoes, the player will receive $100,000 in addition to four weapons spawned in front of the Four Dragons Casino. The weapons that are spawned are an SMG, Satchel Charges, a Combat Shotgun and an M4. Players need to collect all 50 horseshoes to get 100% completion.

4) Oysters


There are 50 Oysters in GTA San Andreas, and collecting each of them gives the player $100. When the player collects all 50 oysters in the game, they receive a $100,000 reward, maximum lung capacity and a perk where they can start dating a new girlfriend regardless of their s*x appeal.

5) Rampages


There are five 2-Player Rampages in the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of the game. Rampages in GTA San Andreas do not give any rewards and are not required for 100% completion of the game.

6) Unique Stunt Jumps


There are 70 Unique Stunt Jumps across the map of GTA San Andreas. Completing each jump gives the player $500. Completing all the 70 stunt jumps gives them $35,000. Completing all the Stunt Jumps is not required for 100% completion of the game.

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