Full list of GTA Vice City weapon cheats for PC

Weapon cheats in GTA Vice City ( Source: Reddit @tekky311 )
Weapon cheats in GTA Vice City ( Source: Reddit @tekky311 )
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GTA Vice City was one of the most successful games back in 2002. The game has sold over 17.5 million copies till date.

Vice City has a special place in the gaming industry. A lot of games were inspired by the title, and it certainly changed the gaming industry forever.

Players loved the fact that they could do whatever they wanted in a game. Players liked the violence, the thrill of stealing vehicles, and getting away with crime.

The community loved the fact that players could use cheats to do almost anything in the game. GTA Vice City also lets players spawn vehicles and weapons using cheats in the game.

GTA Vice City cheats are engraved into people's memories, and here is a list of all the weapon cheats in GTA Vice City.

Weapons cheats in GTA Vice City for PC

There are three cheats that players can use to spawn weapons in GTA Vice City. Each cheat gives players a bunch of weapons depending on which cheat is used.



Using the cheat THUGTOOLS on PC, players spawn the weapons set 1 in GTA Vice City. In this set, players spawn the following weapons:

This weapon set features a baseball bat as a melee weapon. The heavy weapon that this cheat spawns is the Flame thrower. Players get an assault rifle called the Ruger, while the Pump Action Shotgun is the shotgun in the first set. Players get 10 Molotovs as the throwable weapon. Players also get the default sniper and pistol in the first weapon set.

Professional tools


Using Professionaltools in GTA Vice City spawns the next weapon set.

Weapon set 2 spawns the following weapons:

Players get the Katana as the melee weapon in this set. The remote grenade is the throwable explosive. Players also get the Stubby shotgun and a MAC 10. The heavy weapon in this set is the RPG.

Nutter tools


Typing Nuttertools on the PC in GTA Vice City spawns weapon set 3. In this set, players can find the following weapons:

This weapon set features a chainsaw as the melee weapon. Players get the grenade as a throwable explosive. The Python Revolver is the handheld weapon that players get in this set. Players also get the combat shotgun and the MP5 SMG. In addition to that, players get the infamous M4 rifle, and a minigun as the heavy weapon.

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