GTA 4 ragdoll physics inspires new Red Dead Redemption 2 mod

GTA 4 ragdoll physics in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 4 ragdoll physics in Red Dead Redemption 2 (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The modding community has never failed to amaze GTA or Red Dead Redemption 2 fans with their latest creations.

Mods always introduce new features into the game which are otherwise not available. A new mod for Red Dead Redemption 2 makes the game’s open world similar to that of the iconic Grand Theft Auto 4 and makes NPCs react to knives, fists, and bullets more cinematically. With that said, let’s learn more about the mod in this article.

GTA 4 inspired this new Red Dead Redemption 2 mod


The mod transformed the open world of Red Dead Redemption 2 by introducing features similar to the ones present in the Grand Theft Auto 4.

The mod, Cineastic Euphoria Ragdoll Rework (CERR), is heavily inspired by the ragdoll physics of GTA 4. It tweaks the settings on Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 physics engine and delivers in-game deaths that look more painful, reactive, and organic.

The mod introduces different responses for each zone on the NPC’s body, including legs, torso, arms, and head. It reprograms the characters to remain on their feet and try to fight back if they’ve been wounded. This makes the game’s experience more realistic. When players shoot someone in RDR 2 with this mod, NPCs will clutch at their injury and try to walk but stumble and fall to the ground, just like in GTA 4.


The mod was created by Nexus Mods user AnymYo.

Everything to know about the ragdoll physics of GTA 4


Ragdoll physics is a feature first introduced in Grand Theft Auto 4, allowing players and NPCs to drop to the ground dynamically. The character’s model doesn’t lie flat and static, but essentially behaves like a “ragdoll.” Their bodies will conform to any object realistically and can be moved around by bullets or collisions.

The ragdoll physics of NPCs and protagonists can be activated by having them hit by a car, falling, or more. This allows them to brace their face with their arms as well as their legs in the fetal position. However, when the characters get killed with a vehicle, their bodies will be thrown lifelessly without bracing.

This adds a lot of realism to the game, just like real people automatically brace themselves whenever they are thrown. It adds an extra sense of control to the game.

Ragdoll physics is also present in GTA 5; however, it has been reduced in bouncing and duration of the flips as well as impact. This results in much more damage to the protagonist. They try to brace themselves when they bail out of a car in the game. Instead of bouncing or flipping, they just slide on the road until they stop.

Once they stop, they stay on the ground, taking a break or being in pain. If they fall from a mountain, they keep rolling until they land on a rock or a flat surface. If they fall from the building, they instantly roll in the air while screaming.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto 4, the ragdoll still slides and flips on the ground when an NPC or protagonist dies.

In conclusion, ragdoll physics seems like the future for Rockstar Games, and fans are anxiously waiting to see if it might be featured in the upcoming GTA 6.

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