GTA 5: How to register as a VIP or CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online

How to register as a CEO or boss in GTA 5
A brief guide to register as a VIP or CEO/Boss in GTA 5 Online (Image via Rockstar Games)

The developers of GTA 5 keep introducing regular updates that make the game exciting and worth the time. Players can register as a boss in GTA 5 or a VIP to hire other players to act as in-game bodyguards and work in tandem to succeed in the VIP challenges. These hired Bodyguards are expected to escort their VIPs through the dangerous streets of Los Santos and will be rewarded with money in return.

VIPs and bodyguards, according to the official Rockstar Games blog, have a simple employer-employee role. They need to work in tandem to succeed in the VIP work and challenges.

Registering as VIP and CEO in GTA Online can be quite challenging as the game doesn't really explain how to. However, in this article, we look at all the steps you need to follow to register as a boss in GTA 5 or a VIP.

GTA 5: How to register as a VIP?


The question has been asked around on the internet by hundreds of players. Here is how they can register as a VIP in the game. Players just need to have total cash of at least $50,000, as registering as a VIP doesn't cost anything, and having this amount is enough.

Once you have managed to have a total case of $50,000 follow the steps below to become a VIP

1. Open the interaction menu and access SecuroServ.

2. From this menu, you can register as a VIP.

3. Once done, you will have to name your organization.

Going back to the interaction menu will reveal a 'SecuroServ VIP' option, which can be used to live a luxurious VIP life.

How to register as a CEO or boss in GTA 5?


Registering as a CEO will require that you have an office, the cheapest of which will be available at $1 million. Here is how you can register as a boss in GTA 5 or CEO in the game:

  1. Open the Interaction Menu once again
  2. Select SecuroServ
  3. Register as CEO

After the Chop Shop update, Rockstar Games have updated the Interaction Menu experience, allowing players to register as CEO directly from the Interaction Menu without navigating through SecureServ option.

When it comes to purchasable offices, there are a total of four of them available:

1. Maze Bank West worth $1,000,000

2. Arcadius Business Center worth $2,250,000

3. Lombank West worth $3,100,000

4. Maze Bank Tower worth $4,000,000

Once an office is bought, you can add several features to it, such as a living quarter, gun locker, safe etc. You can also order food and hire executive assistants to do all the menial jobs.

With the Grand Theft Auto 6 coming in 2025, experience in the current game has improved significantly over the past few years.

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