GTA 5 Story Mode Stock Market tips for beginners

GTA 5 offers several money-making opportunities (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA 5 offers several money-making opportunities (Image via Rockstar Games)

There aren't as many methods of earning money in GTA 5 story mode as in GTA Online. Therefore, the best bet for players is to invest in the stock market.

The stock market is a unique feature exclusive to GTA 5. Previous games did not have anything like it. Although it may sound boring, it is actually quite a fun way of making money in the game.

Players can manipulate the stock market in GTA 5 through various means. All of these are illegal and involve daring criminal acts, as is expected from a GTA game. This article will guide players on how to make it big from the in-game stock market.

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GTA 5: Tips and tricks to maximize profits from the stock market

Lester's Assassination Missions


Lester offers some entertaining contract-killing missions in GTA 5. These are available exclusively to Franklin and involve executing top corporate heads. Their deaths will affect the stock market in a big way. This is why Lester advises Franklin to invest his money in stocks and time the sales perfectly.

The logic behind this is also hinted at during the mission Friend Request. Players should only begin this mission once they have completed The Big Score. This will ensure that they have enough money to purchase all of the stocks required to maximize profit.

Figure out the pattern


GTA 5's stock market is unlike the real-life ones. Since it is a video game, it is only going to work in a repetitive pattern. Thus, players can easily detect a similarity in how the stocks rise and fall in-game. It is common knowledge that one has to buy their stocks at the lowest possible price and sell when they break the charts.

This requires a lot of time that must be spent in-game. Thankfully, in GTA 5, time moves forward when players sleep in-game. Trevor sleeps the maximum number of hours in GTA 5. Thus, players should use him to advance time in-game and profit from stocks.

Tinkle stock random event


An equity broker called Timm will ask for a lift to the airport during a random event in Chumash. If the player gets him to the airport quickly enough, he will provide a tip to invest in Tinkle on the BAWSAQ website.

Before finishing the random event, players should invest all three characters' money in Tinkle stocks. They must then rush Timm to the airport before the time limit runs out and wait 18 to 24 hours in-game.

They should do this until the percentage of return reaches its maximum (about 33 percent), at which point they must sell the Tinkle shares. This random event isn't required to reach 100% completion or advance the storyline. To maximize earnings, it is advisable to wait until after finishing The Big Score before doing this mission.

Making a profit through chaos


Finally, the easiest way to profit from the stock market is to wreak havoc in San Andreas. Purchasing shares in one airline and then damaging the fleet of a competitor at the airport will cause the stock to rise.

Similarly, players can wreck a large number of vehicles on the street, causing the shares of Augery Insurance Company (AUG) to plummet dramatically.

Players can then acquire as much stock as they can and sell it when the value rises again. They have to be patient with this method and not sell their stocks too early.

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