GTA 5 club location: Where is the Vanilla Unicorn? 

Vanilla Unicorn, a club in GTA 5, Image via Rockstar Games
Vanilla Unicorn, a club in GTA 5, Image via Rockstar Games

The GTA games provide players with the ultimate playground: a vast open-world city that exists solely for them to live out their criminal fantasies.

What makes the world of GTA so alluring is that it has been able to capture the players' imagination so vividly because of its authenticity.

While it must be acknowledged that the characters often exist as parodies or satirical figures, the world of GTA is still convincing when compared with other such games.

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Location of Vanilla Unicorn Club in GTA 5

Vanilla Unicorn on the Map of GTA 5
Vanilla Unicorn on the Map of GTA 5

The Vanilla Unicorn is a clear parody of the Spearmint Rhino, which is a chain of clubs throughout the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

The club is located in Strawberry and eventually becomes a safe house for Trevor as he takes over the club in a later stage of the game.

"For the finest girls in Los Santos visit the Vanilla Unicorn, objectifying women since 1984." ―Text message the player receives upon reaching rank 6 in Grand Theft Auto Online
Outside Vanilla Uni(Picture Credits: Pinterest)
Outside Vanilla Unicorn(Picture Credits: Pinterest)

Whether the club exists in the game as a commentary and a satire of female representation in the GTA franchise, or lack thereof, is up for debate.

Rockstar Games, over the years, have garnered quite the reputation for their excruciating attention to detail. Players frequently get muddled up in the game's story or its numerous side-missions and often miss the details of the world around them.

Each aspect of the game world, especially in GTA 5, has been handled with such care that it is mind-boggling. From radio commercials to a homeless Jesus, the game has so many details which make it stand out in the world of game development.

Rockstar, in a bid to make GTA 5 a complete virtual playground, even added a "Gentlemen's Club" to the game: The Vanilla Unicorn.

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