GTA 6 and the art of fan-made trailers

Image via MrBossFTW (YouTube)
Image via MrBossFTW (YouTube)

Fan-made trailers for GTA 6 often take the Internet by storm.

Imagine going on Twitter to see the GTA 6 hashtag trending, only to be disappointed that it's a fan-made trailer. Still, there is a certain art about making these fan-made trailers that resonate so strongly with the GTA community.

A great deal of this art is how it takes advantage of people's hype with GTA 6. The time between the release of GTA 5 and GTA 6 has been the longest in GTA history. No other period comes close.

GTA 6 and the art of fan-made trailers

One of the most noteworthy things trailers tend to do is to put "Official Gameplay Trailer" somewhere in the thumbnail or the title. In the example above, it's apparent in the thumbnail.

That hasn't stopped thousands of people from clicking on these videos expecting to see official news. While it is hilarious when they rage in the comments, there is a certain amount of respect one has to give to the video makers of these videos.

Why fans like these videos

The lack of GTA 6 is a notable void in some gamers' desires. No GTA 6 means no new GTA experience. Not everybody wants to grind in GTA Online; some players just love the single-player experience of the GTA franchise. These types of videos play off of these emotions, particularly in the absence of what could be.

Alternatively, some fans just like the troll nature of these videos. The video could start off super promising, with ultra HD graphics and ultimate ray tracing. Then there's a narrator that talks about adding in some fan-favorite features, and it seems too good to be true. That's because it is too good to be true.

In some other aspects, these types of videos represent a person's desires for what GTA 6 could be. When they're hyping up what features could be in the game, they're sometimes projecting the features they want in the game.

The lack of a real, official GTA 6 video

Image via Rockstar Games
Image via Rockstar Games

Fans can accept the fact that games like GTA 6 can take years to finish. However, the lack of any official news is brutal. GTA 6 doesn't even have an official trailer. This leads fans to wonder if the game will ever release at all.

Every time there's a big event, there's always hope that Rockstar will announce GTA 6 officially. Predictably, fans are often left disappointed. There is even a chance that there won't be any news of GTA 6 at E3, which will inevitably anger some parts of the GTA community even further.

The desire to see GTA 6 in any capacity

Image via Archyde
Image via Archyde

The good videos often showcase something that can believably happen in a GTA game. Hence, some fans see it as a sign of something that could be official. Of course, fans often know that these videos are fake. Still, it's the elaborate direction these videos take that makes them appear professional.

If there was an official announcement from Rockstar Games about GTA 6, then these videos would die off in popularity. They would likely be replaced by supposed features, but the idea of an "official" announcement would lessen in significance.

Connections to other games

Image via Comic Book
Image via Comic Book

Of course, an "official" GTA 6 video wouldn't be complete without connecting the game to prior titles. Whether it's a sibling of a notable character or an actual main character returning, these types of videos prey upon a player's desire to see familiar faces.

Given GTA Online's success, players only see GTA Online characters. Sometimes, an old character from GTA 4 might show up in GTA Online, but other than that, older GTA titles are often forgotten about.

Die-hard fans of older GTA titles like GTA San Andreas often feel left out. They don't necessarily hate modern GTA games, but they still feel nostalgic about older GTA titles.

That's partially why these GTA 6 fan-made videos resonate so strongly with GTA fans. It's often a mix of aspects between the modern, more well-known GTA games and the classic, great GTA titles.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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