GTA Online media sticks location revealed for music player

Media sticks (Image via LazerSpart, YouTube)
Media sticks (Image via LazerSpart, YouTube)
Rajarshi Acharya

To improve the in-car music in GTA Online, players should look for media sticks scattered around Los Santos. It would be exhilarating to groove to the new music while the engine roars in the background.

The Los Santos Tuners update comes with 10 new cars, new races, and the LS Car Meet, a social space to meet and show off one’s vehicles. There are also a few other features, like a new Auto Shop property and new rewards to be earned.

When it comes to available radio stations in-game, GTA Online provides a massive selection. Now, Rockstar has decided to increase it further by adding further new music to the game.

This article lists the locations of all the media sticks and how to get them.

GTA Online Tuners: What are the media sticks and where to find them?


There are only four media sticks to obtain, making the number of collectibles in this update far less than some others. Getting all four in-game unlocks an extra mix (CLR Launch Party) and a t-shirt (CircoLoco tee).

Players should also note that they might have to own a nightclub and an arcade to get all of the sticks. Here are the media sticks that players can collect in GTA Online:

  • LS Car Meet: There is a media stick found on a table right next to the Mod Shop. This unlocks the Black EP.
  • Nightclub: Another media stick can be found on Tony's desk, inside a player's nightclub office. This stick contains the Violet EP.
  • Casino: The third media stick is found on the terrace of the Casino's roof, near the jacuzzi. Grabbing this stick will unlock the Blue EP.
  • Arcade: The final media stick can be found inside the Arcade bar. This one grants access to the Green EP.

All of these EPs belong to the Monday Dreamin’ compilation album by CircoLoco Records. It features 20 tracks by various artists, including Dixon, Moodymann, Rampa, and Tale of Us, all of whom appear in GTA Online as resident DJs.

Rockstar created the CircoLoco Records label in collaboration with CircoLoco, a party event based in Ibiza. The compilation album was remixed by Seth Troxler and included via the media sticks in GTA Online.

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