GTA Online: What are Client Jobs?

(picture credits: PlayStation universe)
(picture credits: PlayStation universe)

GTA Online is one of the most massive expansive multiplayer experiences with tonnes of variety in terms of game modes and objectives. Despite its annoying load times, GTA Online has been one of Rockstar's most successful multiplayer titles.

The game rakes in vast amounts of money through in-game purchases such as Shark Cards. GTA Online players constantly look for ways to one-up their opponents by gaining as much RP and GTA$ as they possibly can.

One of the quickest ways to get more RP and GTA$ is by completing Client Jobs. Client Jobs are missions in Freemode that can be started from the computer terminal in a Terrorbyte.

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How to start a Client Job in GTA Online?


Client Jobs can be started from Paige Harris' (Contact) computer terminal in a Terrorbyte.

Players must be in possession of a Terrorbyte in order to begin Client Jobs. Paige Harris will contact the player as soon as they buy a Terrorbyte, through the touchscreen terminal inside of the vehicle.

The Terrorbyte is a powerful military-grade vehicles that was added to the game as a part of the After Hours update. The Terrorbyte is available in the Warstock Cache & Carry for $1,375,000 - $3,459,500.

The vehicle comes equipped with weaponry, armour and a scanner that scans the player's stats.


There are six Client Jobs in total, and four of them can be done alone. Two of them require at least two players. Two jobs also require the Drone Station upgrade for the Terrorbyte.

Client Job Missions:

1) Robbery in Progress- Minimum 1 player

2) Data Sweep- Minimum 1 player

3) Targeted Data- Drone Station required, Minimum- 1 Player

4) Diamond Shopping- Drone Station Required

5) Collector's Pieces- Minimum 2 players

Deal Breaker- Minimum 2 players

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