When did the Mile High Club first appear in GTA Online?

The Mile High Club (Image via GTA Wiki)
The Mile High Club (Image via GTA Wiki)

As it would seem, Rockstar likes to keep GTA Online fans in anticipation before releasing something new or, in this case, announcing the completion of a project.

The Mile High Club is a skyscraper complex under construction that made an appearance in GTA 5 and is a major part of the GTA Online map.

According to some frustrated players, the project may never see the light of day, given how long it's been under the "pretense" of construction (about eight years). Others speculate that the Mile High Club might be ready by the time Rockstar releases GTA 6.

The age-old question, however, remains unanswered. When will the Skyscraper be ready to "scrape the sky" in GTA Online?

While there is no sure way to know what Rockstar plans to do with the Mile High Club in GTA Online, players can assume, taking into account the aforementioned facts, that the project does not seem to be facing any deadlines and might maintain the anticipation for quite a while.

The first appearance of the Mile High Club in GTA Online


The Mile High Club was first seen in GTA 5 and has been the subject of relentless speculation among fans ever since. The most agreed-upon theory is that the project is either an oversight on Rockstar's part or simply a running joke among GTA Online fans.

The anticipation, however, is still there, and players would be delightfully surprised when the project finally sees the light of day.

The complex is located at the Pillbox South Station in Los Santos Transit and seems to cover an entire block, stretching from Alta Street, Power Street, and Vespucci Boulevard to Adam's Apple Boulevard in Pillbox Hill.

There is a construction crane attached to the building that players can climb for a breathtaking adventure.

The Mile High Club remains the second-highest building in GTA Online, second only to the Maze Bank Tower. The contractor goes by the name of Enzo Bonelli, and the architect is known as Chip Peterson.

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