CJ from GTA San Andreas replaces Peter in this Spider-Man PC mod

Mods bring CJ from GTA Sand Andreas to Spider-Man (Images via NEXUSMODS)
Mods bring CJ from GTA San Andreas to Spider-Man (Images via NEXUSMODS)

After exploring Liberty City, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, CJ from GTA San Andreas has finally arrived in New York City. Not officially, of course. Sony studio’s highly anticipated Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered has finally arrived on PC, and the modding community is already on their webs to catch it.

Just a few days after the official PC release, modders have replaced Peter Parker with CJ, making him the friendly neighbor-"hood" Spider-Man. From shooting webs to swinging by the buildings, Nic from NEXUSMODS has created a GTA-themed patch that makes CJ follow the train in NYC.

Modder brings CJ from GTA to Spiderverse

GTA San Andreas is one of the most loved games by the community, and Carl “CJ” Johnson has a special place in their hearts. The character is often seen being patched into hilarious situations and memes by modders, and the launch of Spider-Man Remastered on PC has now paved the way for them to mod CJ into the game.

On August 27, the CJ Mod for Spider-Man Remastered was released, and the GTA: SA character has once again become the talk of the town.

GTA San Andreas CJ Mod in Spider-Man Remastered (Image via NEXUSMODS)
GTA San Andreas CJ Mod in Spider-Man Remastered (Image via NEXUSMODS)

The mod offers a fully rigged CJ model that replaces the Advanced Suit game originally offered by the game. It features HD textures that match the game's graphics to an extent.

As one of the first mods to appear, it is not free of bugs and glitches. CJ’s posture looks both terrifying and hilarious in some poses. However, the developer has taken note of the situation and expressed his desire to improve the mod with future fixes:

“I'm still figuring out how to properly assign the textures but it is now playable, will update for better textures. The model could glitch on certain poses, the tool we had is still in beta so bugs like this is unavoidable for now.”

Version 1.2 of the mod is currently available and has been downloaded by over a thousand users. The developer has assured future updates for the mod with better graphics and functionality.

Players can now enter boss battles with iconic Spider-Man villains like Doc Ock, Vulture, Electro, etc., with Carl Johnson, which makes it both hilarious and interesting. Users can also be seen requesting Niko Bellic and their other favorite GTA character skins in the game.

Various YouTube videos have surfaced since the launch of the mod. In one video, CJ was seen following a New York subway train and stopping it.


In another video, CJ can be seen fighting Big Smoke with dialog from the final story mission of San Andreas, End of the Line. Big Smoke appears to be a villain here again, but this time in the Spiderverse.


Another YouTuber was seen hilariously commenting about the CJ Mod and exploring it from every angle and pose.


GTA San Andreas has become one of the most replayed games in history. CJ's storyline, side activities, and iconic dialogs have immortalized the Rockstar title, as gamers consider San Andreas a “Hood Classic.”

CJ being imported into various other gaming universes shows how fond the community is of him. His recent journey to the Spiderverse has surely made CJ’s adventurous life more fascinating.

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