5 best GTA games ranked according to replayability

GTA games that are most replayed by fans (Images via Pinterest)
GTA games that are most replayed by fans (Images via Pinterest)

GTA games have given us some bitter-sweet memories. From following that train to robbing the Union Depository to getting calls from cousin Roman to struggling with the RC helicopter, these titles involve heavy nostalgia.

Being one of the most popular and successful video game franchises, Grand Theft Auto has some of the most replayed games in the community.

Not all games are worth playing for everyone, but hardcore players always have their fan favorites. Many vouch for the same titles because of their nostalgia and storylines.

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Five GTA games fans go back to most often

5) Grand Theft Auto 3


GTA 3 was said to be the pioneer of the open world and 3D games era. It brings users from an over-the-top view of Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 to a new ground-level real-life perspective, delivering a fresh new feel.

The game introduces us to Claude, a silent protagonist in the fictional Liberty City. It offers a linear storyline with 77 missions that include 51 storyline, 17 phone, four off-road, four remote-controlled, and one side mission(s).

4) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Vice City is one of the most loved games of all time. It gives players a nostalgic retro vibe of the '80s.

Based on the fictional Vice City, the title introduces us to the protagonist Tommy Vercetti and his criminal exploits. It also offers a linear storyline with a total of 87 missions, including 38 story, 19 asset, six racing, five phone, three stadium, four off-road, three remote-controlled, one sparrow, and eight side missions.

3) Grand Theft Auto 4


GTA 4 is the first HD 3D game of the franchise. Based again on the fictional Liberty City, this time, Rockstar Games gave users a more realistic and immersive experience.

The title introduces us to Nico Bellic as the main protagonist. For the first time, Rockstar decided to go with a slightly non-linear storyline with two endings.

The choices of gamers also change the storyline progress in some missions.

2) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Grand Theft Auto San Andreas represents hoods, it represents gangsters, and most importantly, it represents Carl "CJ" Johnson. Released in 2004, it is still one of the most iconic and repeatedly played games.

Besides having a linear storyline, it offers numerous side activities and tasks like going to the gym, eating in fast food chains, arcade games, and many more. It also has a cameo from Claude, the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 3, in one of the missions.

San Andreas offers a massive 100 missions. The modding community is still very active even after 18 years of its release.

1) Grand Theft Auto 5


Rockstar's biggest and most ambitious project is GTA 5. Released almost a decade ago, the title is still loved and replayed by fans.

It introduces three protagonists — Franklin, Michael, and Trevor — and tells their own stories, which artfully align with the other protagonists and the main storyline.

Like GTA 4, this title also offers a slightly non-linear storyline with three endings. Game progress is also affected by the player's choice. It offers 79 story missions that can change based on their choices.

Grand Theft Auto 5 also offers an online multiplayer version that is still active and evolving. The recently expanded and enhanced consoles version also updated the game mechanics.

The modding and speedrunning community is also very active in providing users with new and improved ways to play the game.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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