GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition vs GTA San Andreas: 5 major differences every player should know

GTA San Andreas Vs GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition (Image via Youtube @INTER)
GTA San Andreas Vs GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition (Image via Youtube @INTER)
Viren Mirpuri

GTA San Andreas is one of the Rockstar Games' most successful titles. With the release of GTA The Trilogy Definitive Edition, many players are pumped to be able to experience the game with polished graphics and controls.

Rockstar Games has worked on their classic game to improve it to suit modern graphic standards. There are quite a lot of graphical enhancements that have been implemented in the game. Rockstar Games has enabled features like ray tracing for more realistic lighting and to improve the overall quality of the game.

Judging by the trailer of GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition, here is a list of the 5 biggest differences between GTA San Andreas and its remaster.


GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition: How is it different from the original GTA San Andreas?


5) Clouds

The first thing players will notice in the trailer is the addition of clouds in the sky. GTA San Andreas originally had clear skies all the time. With the remaster of the game, Rockstar Games has made GTA San Andreas more realistic by adding clouds that give more detail to the sky that was once left blank.

4) Ray tracing

With the advancement of technology and popularity of ray tracing reaching its peak, Rockstar Games implemented this feature into the Definitive Edition of San Andreas. The realistic lighting effect is visible even in the water that is found on the road after rainfall, which is visible in the trailer.

3) Draw distances

The draw distances of how far players can see in the game used to be a selectable option in the pause menu. Players can adjust this setting according to the graphical power of their GPU. GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition lets players see longer distances, which is easier to achieve with the higher graphical power of today's GPU.

2) Dynamic shadows

Shadow details have come a long way since 2004 and GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition has some of the most accurate looking shadows in a GTA game. Rockstar has worked on making strong shadows that work with the lighting in the game, making them more accurate positionally and depth wise.

1) Improved character models

The most obvious difference between the original and the remaster has to be the character models. Players have known CJ to be a polygonal figure with a face that is not very clear. In the gameplay trailer for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, players get to see a highly detailed version of the character which defines the character much better.

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