GTA Trilogy fans on Twitter demand refunds as game fails to load on PC due to error by Rockstar

The launch of the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy has been disastrous (Image via Rockstar Games)
The launch of the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy has been disastrous (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA fans have been demanding refunds after the launch of GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition. Most of these are PC players who barely got to play the game, as Rockstar has temporarily removed it from their store. A large portion of them have been expressing their disappointment on Twitter.

Meanwhile, console players have been encountering countless bugs in the Definitive Edition games, most of which were never there in the originals. The reception has been largely negative so far, which is why most PC players are taking this step.

GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy: Fans asked to be refunded after disastrous launch, which left PC players unable to access the game

If you'd like to request a refund with the GTA Trilogy on PC (understandably), do not use Rockstar Support and use the Xsolla site, which is Rockstar's payment provider for the RGL. Have your transaction ID handy which is on the order receipt.…

The Rockstar Games Launcher was taken down for maintenance soon after the release of the Definitive Edition Trilogy. This left PC players unable to access any Rockstar Games titles that use the Launcher, including GTA Online and Red Dead Online.

Although the service came back after over 30 hours, GTA Trilogy is now delisted from the Rockstar Games Store. Hence, PC players who pre-ordered the game have been frustrated with their ordeal. The above tweet suggests players use Xsolla's website for refunds instead of Rockstar Games Support.

Players can do so by following these steps:

  • Visit the website by following this link.
  • Fill out the refund request form by following the payment receipt. The form will ask for email ID, date, transaction amount and ID, and the reason for a refund (selectable).
  • Finally, select Request Refund.

Gamers, understandably, are irritated by the whole situation:

The game has been review-bombed by angry fans, including those disappointed with the product's overall quality. Although console players have been able to play the Definitive Edition games, they've pointed out how buggy and unplayable they are.

There's a new feature in the GTA SA remaster.....

Some players claim that the games are not worth $60, even if the bugs are overlooked. Most fans expected a significant upgrade upon seeing the trailer and believed in Rockstar's claims of GTA 5-like controls. However, the remasters felt inferior to what some mods had achieved with the original trilogy.

Take-Two Interactive is suing the team behind RE3, a GTA3/ViceCity cleanroom reverse engineering project. This is legal but T2 is trying to sue them anywayFor this reason, DON'T buy the new GTA Trilogy. T2 does not deserve money from their fans while they take some to court🧡

Here's another example of how buggy (and hilarious) the GTA Definitive Edition Trilogy is:

@glassbottommeg This is a melancholy minimalist Radiohead music video waiting to happen.

It seems that the demands for refunds will keep on increasing unless Rockstar promises to fix the games.

Rockstar Games are definitely violating a consumer law for taking away ownership of a consumer product without offering automatic refunds.I was enjoying it until they removed it. This isn't right @RockstarGames and you know it

There are numerous issues with the GTA Trilogy that cannot be resolved with simple patches. At this point, most PC players simply want to get the game they paid money for and in a playable state.

Edited by Yasho Amonkar

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