GTA Vice City: How to download the game for PC

GTA Vice City
GTA Vice City

Everyone who has ever watched Brian De Palma's 80's crime epic, 'Scarface', always wanted to live out their crime lord fantasies without legal repercussions. The GTA franchise might just have what you're looking for.

GTA: Vice City lets you do exactly that, as you take control of Tommy Vercetti, a foot-soldier for the Liberty City Mafia who is sent for a drug deal to Vice City.

After the deal goes sideways, Tommy must now uncover who was behind the ambush and get his money back. In the process, Tommy rises up the ranks in Vice City and eventually becomes the kingpin.

Set in the 80s in a Miami-inspired Vice City, the game has one of the most fantastic atmospheres in any GTA game ever. The lighting, the architecture, and especially the soundtrack helps make Vice City feel amazing.

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The game is dripping with personality from the get-go, it is helped by the fact that Rockstar brought in some of the biggest actors in Hollywood to play the characters, such as:

  • Ray Liotta as Tommy Vercetti
  • Luis Guzman as Ricardo Diaz
  • Danny Trejo as Umberto Robina
  • Tom Sizemore as Sonny Forelli
  • Dennis Hopper as Steve Scott

How to Download GTA Vice City on PC

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GTA: Vice City on Steam
GTA: Vice City on Steam

GTA Vice City is available on several online libraries for PC, the most popular one being Steam. Steam is the most popular online library for PC gamers as it usually has great sales going on for some of the best games.

Download Vice City from the official Steam site, here.

GTA: Vice City is not only a fan-favourite of the GTA franchise but one of the best games available on PC, period. It might not have the expansive open world as compared to the titles that proceeded it, but it is definitely no less in terms of entertainment.

GTA: Vice City takes several inspirations from pop-culture phenomenons such as Sarface, Carlito's Way and Miami Vice.

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