Here is why Cesar is a true ally in GTA San Andreas

Cesar is the friend everybody needs (Image via Rockstar Games)
Cesar is the friend everybody needs (Image via Rockstar Games)
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Cesar Vialpando is one of the closest allies in GTA San Andreas; he proves his worth on more than one occasion.

At the start of GTA San Andreas, there is already friction between Cesar and the Grove Street Families (GSF). He happens to be dating Kendl, the sister to top lieutenants CJ and Sweet.

Due to his gang affiliation and racial background, Cesar is not on good terms with the abrasive Sweet.

CJ, on the other hand, gets along with the ruler of Varrios Los Aztecas. It turns out Cesar is far more trustworthy than some of the GSF members, namely Big Smoke and Ryder.

At the end of the day, Cesar has the backs of every single GTA San Andreas player. It's what makes him one of the more popular side characters.

Cesar Vialpando and why he is a good friend in GTA San Andreas


CJ barely had any friends in the first act of GTA San Andreas. Most of them are outright hostile to CJ, especially his own brother. It doesn't help that by the end of the first act, CJ is left for dead by most of his so-called friends.

Thankfully, Cesar is a man true to his word. He never used CJ as a political means to an end. Instead, Cesar will provide all the backup CJ needs. As a result, his popularity endures within the GTA San Andreas community.

Despite his differences, he proves his loyalty


At the beginning of the story, there is racial tension between Cesar and the GSF. Although Kendl is in love with Cesar, Sweet does not approve of the interracial relationship. Despite his background differences, however, Cesar does not let boundaries get between him.

He not only proves himself loyal to Kendall, but also to her brother CJ. At first, both of the brothers were hesitant about Cesar. However, CJ warms up to him in the titular mission Cesar Vialpando. When CJ arrives at a car meet with the Aztecas, he is met with hostility by everyone except Cesar.

Right away, GTA San Andreas players can tell Cesar has good intentions. Had it not been for him, CJ would've been in big trouble.

Cesar solidifies his status by warning CJ about Big Smoke


Although Sweet argues that the GSF should stick together, it turns out not all of them share that same mindset. Unbeknownst to him, long-time members Big Smoke and Ryder sold out to their competitors. They even played a part in the murder of Beverly Johnson, whose death brings CJ back to the hood.

Cesar heard the rumors - Big Smoke and Ryder were not only dealing with corrupt law enforcement (C.R.A.S.H.), but they also worked directly with the Ballas. He made a difficult choice to let CJ know what was really going on.

On the Green Sabre Mission, he drives CJ to a secret meeting. Together, they discover the horrible truth about Big Smoke and Ryder. CJ then realizes they set up a death trap for him and his brother, whom he tries to save.

Had it not been for Cesar, GTA San Andreas would have ended right there.

No matter what, Cesar is there for CJ


GTA San Andreas provides several allies in combat situations. Most can hold their own, which removes the frustrations GTA Vice City players had with Lance Vance and his poor AI. Cesar is a reliable ally in key missions.

In the Pier 69 mission, CJ has to crash a meeting between the San Fierro Rifa and Ballas. He finally gets the chance to not only kill Ryder but also T-Bone Mendez, the ruthless leader of the Rifas. Cesar, in particular, seems to hold a grudge against him for unknown reasons.

During an epic confrontation, CJ and Cesar share a mutual kill by gunning down T-Bone. Cesar talks a big game but he backs it up in the end. He even helped out CJ by running their garage business in San Fierro.

Ultimately, Cesar never betrays CJ


Cesar is the complete opposite of his cousin Catalina. He always respects CJ for who he is and never betrays him for petty reasons. Throughout the entire game, Cesar was a valuable ally.

Whether he steals cars with CJ or gives him updates about drug syndicates, Cesar has his clutch moments.

Ultimately, he remains close friends with CJ at the end of GTA San Andreas. He even makes peace with Sweet and is ready to propose to Kendl. Cesar is one of the more honorable criminals in the GTA series.

GTA San Andreas has many popular side characters, such as Woozie, Mike Toreno, and The Truth. Cesar is certainly a contender for one of the best allies in the entire game.

He's a valuable player from beginning to end. For all his actions, he makes GTA San Andreas a friendlier experience.

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