Hotel Assassination in GTA 5: Stock investment guide

 Image via GTAForums
Image via GTAForums
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The Assassination missions in GTA 5 present one of the biggest money-making opportunities in the game.

At one point during the Story Mode in GTA 5, Franklin is contacted by Lester for a business opportunity that involves a series of hits all over Los Santos.

While it isn't very uncharacteristic of Lester to ask his friends to whack top-ranking executives in the corporate world (Jay Norris), there is more to this than just hits. GTA 5 has an in-game stock market that is affected by the players' actions, especially during this bit in the Story Mode.

During these missions, the player as Franklin will be taking out a bunch of top executives at major companies, causing their stock value to take a dive. At the same time, the value of their rival stock will shoot up massively, which the player can take advantage of.

However, investing and selling these stocks in GTA 5 can get a bit confusing at times. So, this guide of the first mission in the series, Hotel Assassination, might help players get a better idea as to how to go about investing in stocks in GTA 5.

Stock investment guide for Hotel Assassination in GTA 5


Right off the bat, players should hold off on approaching Lester for these missions in GTA 5 (labeled Assassinations) until the very end. Meaning, the player should ideally wait until they have completed "The Big Score" to take on these missions.

At that point in GTA 5, they are likely to have the most amount of money in their account and will be able to get massive returns on their investment. So, one should wait until the very last Heist and then pool in all their money into specific stocks before and after the Assassination missions.

It is very important to remember that the player needs to invest in a certain stock before the mission and then after the mission as well. After Franklin receives the tip, the player must switch over to Trevor and Michael to invest in stocks from their phones as well.

Hotel Assassination Stock Investments

Before: Betta Pharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)

Sell Betta Pharmaceuticals at 50%. Return after the mission. Save game by sleeping to accelerate time.

After: Blinton Research (BAWSAQ), have Trevor sleep for 2-3 days straight for a 50% Return.

Having their characters sleep in their bed will accelerate the passage of time, and Trevor apparently sleeps for the longest in GTA 5. LCN stocks will take one day at least to show changes in values, while BAWSAQ reflects them much quicker.

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