5 useful tips to get better at Heists in GTA Online

The recent update has made Heists as good as ever (Image via Rockstar Games)
The recent update has made Heists as good as ever (Image via Rockstar Games)

Even after 7 years of worthwhile content and PvP game modes, the biggest draw to GTA Online are the heists. Not only do they offer a boatload of cash on each playthrough, but they also offer the most fun online multiplayer experience one can have with friends and other players.

GTA Online is constantly evolving, and so have heists. Heists sure have leveled up from basic bank jobs to robbing a private compound on an island. With the changing times and ever-evolving scale of the heists in GTA Online, players must always make an effort to stay ahead of the curve and be sharp on the job.

While veterans are acutely aware of their methodology and what works for them, this guide is meant to help out players just starting GTA Online.

5 useful tips to get better at Heists in GTA Online

#1 - Bring in a crew


This is the most optimal situation for heists in GTA Online as communicating with teammates and figuring out how to move past enemies without losing anyone is key. Especially on higher difficulties, situations can get pretty sticky quickly, and players will need to work effectively as a team.

As a given, players must always be using a headset to communicate with their team as GTA Online doesn't have a ping system. Bringing in friends as the crew is by far the most comfortable situation.

Even when playing with unknown players, communicating on voice chat is the key difference between success and failure.

#2 - Complete the first few Heists with the High-End Apartment


The High-End Apartment gives access to the initial heists in GTA Online. They serve as a taster for things to come. While they aren't exactly the highest-paying heists in the game, they tutor the player with the basics of a heist.

Grinding and replaying these heists is key to buying property and getting access to better heists eventually. They aren't necessarily the hardest heists, so it shouldn't be a problem doing them on higher difficulty.

A lot of players might be tempted to use their PS Plus Bonus from Rockstar and buy up a facility to the doomsday heist. However, they would be missing out on the very basics of a heist and find themselves in the deep end of the pool if they were to do this.

#3 - Use Armored Kuruma for vehicle


An Armored Kuruma is unlocked after the Fleeca job and is easily one of the most useful cars in GTA Online. Inside the car, the player is impervious to just about all gunfire from the enemies while still being able to shoot back.

This means that the player can deal out all sorts of damage and not take any at the same time. It is a complete no-brainer to purchase one as soon as possible.

The Kuruma can be used in all sorts of missions apart from heists, making it an extremely valuable addition to one's garage in GTA Online.

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#4 - Carry enough Body Armour, Ammunition, and Snacks


Stocking up on body armor and enough ammunition should be clear from the get-go, but players can often forget snacks. In the midst of a firefight, nothing comes provides greater relief than knowing that one has enough snacks to bring back health instantly.

Simply wolfing down on these snacks when taking hits from enemies will ensure that the player can stay alive for longer. Therefore, it is advisable to head to a convenience store and get as many snacks as possible without bankrupting oneself in GTA Online.

Snacks are a player's best friend in the game and it will only take a couple of heists to grasp that fully.

#5 - Practice Heists on Hard


It will take a while before players have no problem playing "Hard" as it is the only way to ensure maximum payout from a heist. Players will fail, time and time again on hard.

Simply toughing it out and working together to get better at the heist on hard is key to move up in the world of GTA Online. It will get tough and controllers might run the risk of getting bent and thrown to the wall, but it will all be worth it as the players finally secure the bag.

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